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    TKR BCS Anna's Recovery

    Hello Everyone:wave: Well, I have reached the other side! My brand new Zimmer Pensona was delivered at noon yesterday, and I named her Penelope. I was up and walking last night went to sleep at 10 pm and woke up at 6am! My pain is under control. So, so far so good. Anna:flwrysmile: .
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    Five Day Countdown!

    Hello everyone, With surgery just five days away, I am in the final stages of getting my "To Do" list completed. Yesterday was Gardening 101 for my hubby. I had previously written up instructions on which plants are "heavy drinkers," which are drought resistant and which plant foods go with...
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    Spinal anesthesia question

    Hi all:flwrysmile: I realize my question may be a silly one. However, I am going to ask it anyway. During previous surgeries, I have had both general anesthesia and twilight sedation. However, I have never had spinal anesthesia before but will be having it, along with a nerve block in my...
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    How to prepare your caregiver for what's ahead?

    I am hopeful that some of you can provide me with some tips on how to prepare my spouse for what is ahead for me. My spouse was a wonderful caregiver during my battles wth cancer (2x):yikes:. However, I don't think he understands and/or realizes just what recovery from TKR can entail. He has...
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    Rehab & Recovery Question

    I am in need of two new knees, however, I would not even consider having a bilateral. My OS won't perform them anyway. I have bone on bone OA in both knees, with the right knee being the worst of the two. Both knees are in pain 24/7 and both knees require knee support braces for me to do...
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    BCSAnna's TKR Prep

    In preparation for my RTKR on June 12th, my spouse and I made the three hour trip up to the city to the medical center where I will be having my surgery. First up on the agenda was my medical clearance physical problem there. Next was pre-admission problem there...

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