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  1. DeepBreath

    THR Deep Breath Reporting for Recovery Duty

    Howdy! I'm on the other side. Surgery went well. Once they got in there they found that I had a fracture in my femur. That changes the recovery plan a bit. I'll know more after I talk to the doc. Right now the news is second hand through my husband. I'll keep y'all posted. :)
  2. DeepBreath

    Still In The Pre Op Area

    Well folks, we hit a glitch and my surgery did not end up happening today. We had gotten to the hospital (early, due to little traffic), gotten me checked in, last minute blood tests done, and outfitted in the gorgeous pre surgery clothing. I was sitting in the waiting room and suddenly my...
  3. DeepBreath

    The Scoop From My Pre Op Appt

    Okay, hip buddies, the rundown from my pre op follows: I will be checking into the hospital at 12:30 pm. I have the distinction of being the day's most challenging case so he wanted to make sure to give me the last block. Not exactly what you want to hear, but it is what it is. At least I'm...
  4. DeepBreath

    Silly Thread About Who Else Has Had Hip Replacements

    I am the Google Queen. If it pops into my head, I will Google it. For some reason, the other evening I suddenly had a burning desire to know what notable folks had also undergone hip replacements. Turns out, we have some pretty awesome company. Check it out: Billy Joel - both hips replaced...
  5. DeepBreath

    Taking my 'Accessories' for a Spin

    I'm a week out from surgery and yesterday I decided, after a fit of house cleaning, to break out the raised toilet seat and the shower chair and give them a whirl prior to actually having to use them. Not bad. The toilet seat especially is wonderful. Ours seems to be so low. The added height...
  6. DeepBreath

    Avoiding Dislocation - Specifically Twisting

    Wow, I am Posting Polly. Thanks for everyone's patience! Since reading on this site, and elsewhere on the web, I have tried to become more conscious of how I move so that maybe it will start to sink in before my surgery. As I've mentioned before, my ROM is severely limited. I have noticed that...
  7. DeepBreath

    What to Take to the Hospital

    I bought a spiffy little bag yesterday ($3.00 on sale - Woot!) and have started filling it. I got the usual: travel toiletries, etc. as well as some oversized knit capris that I figured would be easy to get on, take down for necessities. I wasn't sure if I would be in a hospital gown the...
  8. DeepBreath

    Emotional Support Throughout the Process

    Hi Hippies. I'm posting this because I just feel like I need to get my thoughts out on this subject. I know there are probably surgery patients who go through this process without the aid of family or friends. I can't imagine the warrior spirit these folks have! I am lucky that I have emotional...
  9. DeepBreath

    Kind of Embarassing Catheterization Question

    Hello Hippies :wave: I have a question regarding catheterization being done for surgery. I have hip dysplasia and since I have been so stubborn about getting my hips replaced, my range of motion is practically nil. The most I can move my thighs apart is about 3 inches. (So sorry for the TMI)...

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