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    80 yr old mom update

    surgery 2/1/08 Busted her out of rehab early last Sunday and wow what an improvement. Her bed sores are improving and the visiting nurse said they should be better in about 2 weeks. Today she has used the cane all day and not the walker and went upstairs and took a shower! I guess everyone...
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    80 yr old mom update

    Got Mom out of rehab today and brought her home. They were treating her for 2 bed sores. Guess what there are 3 not 2. Another example of great care. Her hip looks like it has a lump on it. It is so big that one leg of her pants is shorter than the other. The hip looks at...
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    hematoma question

    If you drain a hematoma can it come back?
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    80yr old mom coming home Sunday

    I'm really nervous about my Mom coming home. The hospital says there is no reason she can't come home but the rehab says that they wish she would stay. Rehab says that someone should be with her 24hrs/day. I fixed up her room and made the bed high. Got rid of area rugs. Got a sturdy chair...
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    80yr old Mom Hematoma

    She had right THR on 2/108. 4" incision and the wound was glued closed. There were no stitches. Yesterday they reopened approx 2" and cleaned it out and put a few stitches there. They also did blood work and I believe took culture to be sure not infected. She never had any drains. She is...
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    80yr old Mom Hematoma

    80yr old Mom Hematoma update Okay, just got home from hospital and the hematoma has been removed and Mom will go back to rehab until atleast the weekend. Not sure if she is going to want to stay longer than that but it will give me some time to prepare my home for her arrival.
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    80yr old Mom Hematoma

    Had a really good chat yesterday with P.T. and now really understand some of the things that could happen if my Mom is left home alone etc. Today I went to rehab to drop off some clean clothes and she informed me that the incision is still bleeding and that she was being transported to surgeons...
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    80yr old Mom Rehab update

    Today is 1 week since surgery. Mom has been in the rehab facility since Mon evening. She is so bored and it is very hard seeing her so unhappy. They are doing P.T. but not what I expected. I thought there would be more walking with a walker. They are doing a lot of other things. Flexing...
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    80yr old Mom 2/1 Surgery Update

    2/1-Surgery long day - naucious afterwards 2/2-high & out of it from pain killers, low hemoglobulin so she was given the blood she donated prior to surgery, low BP so was NO P.T. given had to ask nurse for the breathing thing as it was not given to her yet. 2/3 - mind much better was on...
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    My 80 yr old Mom scheduled for 2/1 THR

    My Mom is 80 and scheduled for right THR on 2/1. Afterwards she goes to a 5-6day recovery and then to my house. I work full time but plan on coming home at lunch time. I believe P.T. will come to my house. I have the fear of the unknown. Will she be well enough in a few weeks to return to...

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