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  1. J

    Stitch site infection

    I did not know where to post this. I noticed the top of my back incision looked pretty red yesterday. I was glued together, but the underneath stich in that location stuck out for about 3 weeks before it fell out. This was all completed by at least 3 weeks ago. At pt today my therapist...
  2. J

    Joint Effusion

    After readin the synovectomy thread i have a question along with a sick feeling in my tuummy. Not butterflies, maybe just the flies!! My MRI of my hips (the origianl) stated NO DJD but joint effusions in both hips. Now that my non operated one has given me some trouble and I have been reading...
  3. J

    Pain med dilemna

    I didn't really know where to put this, but I did have knee microfracture surgery and cleaning out a large amount of scar tissue in Dec and my knee still hurts so I picked this. I had extensive back fusion surgery 4 weeks ago. While in the hospital the whole 10 days I was in excrutiating...
  4. J

    Just Scoped Very Warm Knee

    I don't know where to put this thread, but had my scope on WED. lots of pain meds at the surgery center, went home. Thursday I took a percocet in the am. Did not take anything else, no knee pain. Friday I woke up with pain. Have been taking percocet on a 4 hour schedule. My knee is painful...
  5. J

    Hippy experimenting in knee side

    Well tomorrow is my long awaited knee scope. My doc told me it is my Christnmas surprise. There are many possibilities with different recovery times depending on what he finds and what he does. I just hope I am aware enough when he talks to me to remember what he did. I am bringing a note...
  6. J

    Hippy Having Knee Scope

    OK now this is getting scarey!!! Saw my hip surgeon today and we decided on going for the right knee arthroscopy. It will be Dec 17th. I won't know what exactly he does in there until I wake up. So I have no idea if I will be in the NO weightbearing mode for 6-8 weeks or not. He told me...
  7. J

    Arthroscopic Surgery???? Should I????

    I have grade IV Chondromalacia in my right knee as far as my MRI says. The pain is on up or down, squatting, that kind of thing. Walking on flat surfaces is ok. I am now a hiker as I was banned from running after the hip replacement surgery. I have had cortizone and just finished the 5...
  8. J

    Grade 4 Chondromalacia

    Hi Hippy here, pretty recovered at 3 1/2 months. Some pain in the butt and groin due to muscles, but overall pretty darn good. ON to the knee on the same side (right). Saw the doc and posted then. He was discouraging about arthroscopic surgery, saying it does not really have a great...
  9. J

    Hippy gets Knee MRI results

    I just got back from my doc's office. No surprise I have arthritis in my knee. He told me I was blessed to have early arthritis in my spine, hip and knee. We discussed the probability of it all being caused by my hypopituitarism as hormones have been very deficient for a long time. I heard...
  10. J

    3 Month Post Op.......first Hike

    I can't believe it has been 3 months. I saw my doc yesterday. The most exciting thing for me was freedom to hike!!! I was actually smart today and went slowly and only up to a spot called First Water. I also used a hiking pole (they are very popular these days) It went great as far as my...
  11. J

    Hippies Riding Stationary or Outside Bikes

    Hi, I am at 7 weeks post op right hip. I just went to outpatient therapy today. To warm up my pt put me on the treadmill. He said it was a higher something than the bike and the bike might not keep within the 90 degree rule. My question is have other hippies with restrictions ridden...
  12. J

    Really Bad Pain

    Tomorrow will be 7 weeks post op right hip. I just walked down my stairs, I have had about a 7 pain level going up and down stairs recently. Well, by the last step the pain was horrible, probably a 9. It is on the side of my leg , below the incision. While I was sitting, before the stairs...
  13. J

    6 Week Post Op

    Hi, Well all I can say is 6 weeks has flown bye. I had my doc apt. on friday. Nothing has moved, that is great. I have not driven yet, but will today. I have been walking about 1/2 mile to a local pool about 3 days per week and attempting to coordinate swimming and breathing. If nothing...
  14. J

    Pain and Lump at IV site

    Hi, Today I am 5 weeks post op for a right hip replacement. My IV was started and stayed in for 5 and 1/2 days. I can't remember what day it started hurting in the hospital. Probably at 3and 1/2 days. It stayed in as I was part of a study and recieved IV acetaminifin every 6 hours. Now...
  15. J

    Walking causing lots of pain

    Hi I had my right hip replaced June 6th a day over 3 weeks ago. At my 2 week check up my doc said I could start walking more and put more weight on my right leg. I went around the block a few times last week. The 2nd night I noticed more pain and even had trouble sleeping/getting...
  16. J


    Hi hippies, Well, I had my right hip replaced. I imagine for left hip people driving is sooner. My pt tells me it is easier than I think. I am in noooo rush, just curious. When did hip replacement people start driving. Please let me know if you are a left or righty. Getting in and...
  17. J

    New Hippy

    Hi, Just had my initiation last friday, home today. Right hip replacement. My main question is in swelling. My thighs, knees and feet are really swollen. Both sides. A lot of swelling. Is this normal? Judy
  18. J

    traveling potty seat

    HI, I posed this question in the wrong section. I am having my right hip replaced on June 6th. I recently attended a class at the hospital. After the "portable" potty seat was demonstrated, the nurse said it is convenient to take with you. I almost screamed. How do you use the toilet when...
  19. J

    Hip Precautions

    Hi, I am having my right hip replaced on June 6th. I just attended a joint replacement class at the hospital yesterday. I am having the posterior approach. All of the restrictions seem difficult. About the raised tolilet seat. What do you do when you are not at home for three months...
  20. J

    Just comitted to THR

    Hi, I just made the surgery date of June 6th to replace my right hip. Very scared now!!! The nurse told me I was down for a posterier . I had assumed it was anterior. Are there more restrictions on the posterier approach? I had hip arthroscopic surgery 3 months ago trying to grow...

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