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  1. Peta

    Fell, did the splits and didn't dislocate!

    Hi everyone......I had an experience today I thought was well worth sharing, particularly with all of you who are anxious about hip replacement surgery. While at work, I slipped on a piece of plastic.....fell to the floor with my left leg out in front of me and my right extended behind me. In...
  2. Peta

    Plantar Fasciitis

    I've been getting a really sharp pain under the heel of my left foot (had right hip replaced on the 9th March) for the past couple of weeks. It has gradually gotten to the stage where I can't walk barefoot at all (which I normally do around the house), and it hurts like heck whenever I put any...
  3. Peta

    Now I'm REALLY dangerous.........!

    I'M DRIVING AGAIN!!!!!! I saw my physio for my 6 week check up and got a glowing report! Got the all clear to drive (so I've just driven home) and to go back to work! So I'm starting back on Wednesday for a few hours! He kept shaking his head and saying I looked like a different woman, and...
  4. Peta

    Question re swelling

    I am now 10 days post-op with RTHR and recovery is going remarkably well. My only real "concern" is that by the end of each day my right leg and foot are swollen beyond belief! So much so that my skin feels like it's going to burst! I'm elevating and icing during the day for approx 20 mins at...
  5. Peta

    Aussie update!

    Well, I've just woken to Day Seven and am still doing well! I have slowed up just a tad because my operated leg swelled up yesterday to the size of a tree trunk! I am also suddenly very bruised from my buttock to just below my knee! Not a pretty sight - my family just shudder and look away...
  6. Peta

    Day 2 and life is good!

    Well it's Day 2 (op was on the 9th) and I am feeling GREAT! My pain pump was taken out this morning and so far today all I've had is two paracetamol. And I can honestly say I don't feel the need for anything stronger! I've been up and moving around since the afternoon of the op, and am getting...
  7. Peta

    Only 6 days to go!

    I had my pre-admission testing etc done at the hospital this morning and suddenly this all seems very REAL! Only 6 days to go................. The good news is that I passed with flying colours so I guess I'd better turn up next Monday. I'm as organised as I can possibly be - just trying to...
  8. Peta

    I have a date......!

    I've finally decided enough is enough and have booked in to have my right hip replaced. Into hospital on 8th March 2010! I saw my OS yesterday for a follow up visit for the steroid injections in my left hip, and on my way back to the car I had a fall. My right leg just gave way and I went...
  9. Peta

    And the milestones keep coming........!

    On the 23rd June it will be 8 months since my TLHR and I am STILL having moments of sheer delight when something wonderful happens as a result of the surgery! Went to bed last night chatting away to my husband sitting on the edge of the bed, and without thinking, just leant sideways (to my...
  10. Peta

    New shoes??

    Something I've been meaning to ask for a while now - I had a LTHR late October and I'm still wearing some of the shoes that I had been before I had it done. However - I'm now (obviously) walking very differently to how I did beforehand - and my left shoes no longer seem to fit as well as they...
  11. Peta

    Swelling of foot and ankle

    I am now 14 weeks post LTHR and have had what I think is a remarkably smooth recovery! I'm walking normally and life has just about gotten back to normal. Only two things still bother me. One is that over the past 4 weeks the foot and ankle on my operated leg swell up during the day -...

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