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  1. JoeKnows

    THR JoeKnows Recovery

    Well, I'm on the other side! Surgery took a bit longer than normal because the doc found a small fracture in the femur, (preexisting... At least according to him) and had to band it. Pain isn't quite controlled yet, but only around 6 when walking. Very hard to walk normal, but it's early yet...
  2. JoeKnows

    Icing hip

    This is a definite noobie question, but how do you ice your hip? Groin area, outside of hip, bottom, thigh? I find myself constantly moving the ice pack around trying to get it "deep" enough. My pain right now is usually in the groin, so I start there, but I feel like I basically want to jam...
  3. JoeKnows

    Hip replacement in my 30's

    Hey all - I've been lurking around this board since I found out I'll need a hip replacement (a couple weeks ago). Since I appreciate being able to read others' stories, I figured I should start my own (and I can't wait to start posting in the recovery side of the board). I'm not currently...

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