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  1. grandma chris

    TKR Grandma Chris gets a new knee!

    Hi all, Tomorrow is the big day! I have to be at the hospital at 7am so it's an early start for me. Fortunately the hospital is only five minutes away. Starting my recovery thread now. It was so helpful to have one for my hip. See you all on the other side!
  2. grandma chris

    Question about Berg Intelli Flo Knee Pad

    I am having a TKR tomorrow and today I went to pick up a rental Polar Care Kodiak machine for icing my knee. I was sold an Intelli Flo Knee Pad and was told that I would not need to use anything between the pad and my skin and that I could leave it on as long as I wanted. There were no...
  3. grandma chris

    My pre-surgical holiday

    Hi everyone, I am on a beautiful holiday from the 30th of October to the 18th of November. My TKR is slated for the 20th of November! I've done everything I can far ahead. I've been to the surgical optimization clinic for education, ecg, lab work, and xray. I've called the Red Cross to reserve...
  4. grandma chris

    I have a CPAP machine.

    Does anyone have a CPAP machine? Any ideas on how it impacts recovery?
  5. grandma chris

    Conflicting information!

    I have two examples of recent TKRs. Both friends had their surgery about a year ago. Both are less than thrilled with the results. One had an MUA which helped just a little. The other did not have an MUA but does not have good ROM. Barely 90 degrees. Both of these people did physio as it...
  6. grandma chris

    Information needed about wedge cushions

    I will be having a right TKR on 20 November. I had a hip replacement in Jan 2014 and that went quite well but I understand that a knee replacement is much more difficult. I've been reading recovery threads and I think that a wedge is a good idea. I live in Canada and am finding that the Lounge...
  7. grandma chris

    How should I prepare for my TKR?

    The surgical optimization clinic gave me a book with exercises. How did you prepare?
  8. grandma chris

    Grandma Chris needs a knee!

    In January 2014 I had a total right hip replacement. I was very fortunate in that my recovery was pretty much textbook and 6 weeks after my surgery I was on an extended trip to Europe which included days in Barcelona, a week on the Costa del sol, days in Rome and a Mediterranean cruise! I...
  9. grandma chris

    THR Day nine, graduated to crutch, staples gone

    I am starting my post surgical thread now as I am not confident in my ability to do that from my cell phone on unfamiliar Wifi. I am to report to the hospital at 10:00 AM tomorrow morning - 29 Jan 2014. Yay!!
  10. grandma chris

    I had a dream!

    I believe in an attempt (successful) to calm me down, my brain sent me a fabulous dream last night. No word of a lie, I dreamed I had the surgery and after it I hopped off the table and the surgeon (not my actual surgeon but a nice lady) smiled and said, "Stand on it". I did and there was no...
  11. grandma chris

    Can I take Get Up and Go cookies before my surgery? Should I?

    The Surgical Optimization Clinic I attended gave us a book and there was a recipe in it for these cookies - to help with the constipation. I made a batch today (surgery is Wednesday) and they are delicious. Should I eat a couple of these a day before the operation? Or should I wait until after...
  12. grandma chris

    I am no longer afraid!

    I am scheduled for a RTHR on 29 January and I was very afraid. This has all happened very quickly. My leg started to bother me a little (thought I pulled a muscle) just before a long trip in Nov 2011. In January 2012 I went to get a referral for physio and then found out that this was arthritis...
  13. grandma chris

    Getting ready for anterior RTHR on Jan 29th

    Except for emotionally, I believe I'm as ready as I can be. I've got my aids from the Red Cross - i.e. toilet seat, crutches, two wheeled walker, and shower seat. I've purchased a grabber and made myself a sock aid (which I've been using, I think I want to know how to use it before I need it!)...
  14. grandma chris

    Did you have Anterior Approach THR??

    I am scheduled for Anterior Approach RTHR on January 29th and I have some questions. Essentially, I'd like to know the progress of your recovery if you had anterior surgery - I am aware that everyone's experience is different or individual. Keeping that in mind: On the 1 to 10 scale, what was...
  15. grandma chris

    I got a date!!

    I am scheduled for a RTHR on the 29th of January! So excited - this has all happened very fast. I also found out that it will be anterior, and I'm very excited about that too. Very encouraged for our trip in March. The first week after our flights will be spent recovering in the sun.
  16. grandma chris

    So Scared! Maybe in January?

    Hi everyone, I'm quite new to the site - just found it a few days ago - what a great resource! I hope I will be able to add my name to the January Jackpots. My DH and I are due (and paid up!) for a trip to Europe in March. My OS tells me that he will do the surgery before the middle of January...

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