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  1. marmora

    TKR Left TKR on 17 July

    :chillpill: Hello, came over to the other side on Thursday 17 July. All good, so far. Had surgery at 3:30 pm & back in room @ 7:00 pm, alert and feeling good. Taking all the pain meds on time - which I have learned through BS is the way to go, this is not the time to out on a brace face when...
  2. marmora

    Suggestions for pre-op exercises to strengthen hamstring muscle

    Hi all, Having TKR -left on 17 July. Have exercises from hospital PT for quads, but looking for exercises to also strengthen the hamstrings. Kind regards,
  3. marmora

    TKR -left on 17 July

    Hi all, Looking for suggestions for some pre-op exercises to strengthen the hamstring muscles. Thanks,
  4. marmora

    Left TKR on 17 July

    Hi all, Having TKR on 17 July after two previous arthroscopies and years of knee problems.
  5. marmora

    17July TKR

    Having left knee total joint replacement on 17 July 2014

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