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    Finger/Thumb Now for the right CMC

    In April of 2016, I had a arthroplasty/carpo-meta-carpal joint: left thumb carpo-meta-carpal arthroplasty, left index trigger finger release. On March 29 of this year, I will have the same thing on the right hand. The weird thing is the left index finger is bothering me again. It's painful and...
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    How sick is too sick?

    My revision is scheduled for March 15. Last week, I went on the first of two week long business trips scheduled before surgery. The trip was exhausting (ice storm and too many stairs) but productive. The day after I got home (Friday), I woke up with a bad cold. Went to urgent care on Sunday and...
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    Celynda: Here we go again

    I'm scheduled to have the other (L) knee replaced on 14 September provided I am still in Buffalo and unemployed. The L knee won't cost me anything (other than the COBRA premium) and can be incorporated into the same short term disability event as the R knee. I am still actively looking for a job...
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    Revision TKR Right Knee Take Two

    Thought I would start the post op thread now so it's available when I'm lucid... RTKA 8 June 2015
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    June 8: new R knee for me

    Surgery for my R knee replacement is scheduled for 8 June. Since I live alone and not really have a support network, I'm planning on rehab for a couple of weeks. I don't have any stairs in my apartment which is a blessing and the toilets are tall. In fact, if I got a riser, my feet wouldn't...

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