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  1. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    Just wanted to update that progress still continues and I notice different improvements all the time. Two weeks ago I was in the store looking for pantyhose--wanted to see the bottom row (right above the floor). I suddenly realized that I was squatting all the way down (butt resting on heels)...
  2. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    Continuing to work on getting body back in shape--two major surgeries and two minor ones in two years can put that off track. Want to get back in shape so I am ready for retirement-- may go join @SaraK for dancing! I agree uneventful can be good @Mojo333. Hope things going well at work for...
  3. MammaT

    THR 11 Year update and how I won the battle

    Inspiring post @YoungGuy - good luck with school and everything else.
  4. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    well @SaraK I have to check in on your life- it's so much more interesting than mine!
  5. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    Haven't posted in forever, but have been checking in off and on to read. Second hip is at nearly 14 month mark. Happy to say both hips are good. Still working on pesky left leg/knee. Stretches are helping and slowly getting my total walking back to where I want it. While I am not nearly as...
  6. MammaT

    Bilateral THR Thing 1 and Thing2'

    Oh my @Berber7227 - I hope that isn't the case. Is it impacting both legs or one? They coming up with any treatment plan?
  7. MammaT

    Bilateral THR Thing 1 and Thing2'

    Oh @Berber7227, so sorry to hear you still have pain. I remember they tried a number of things for you. Does it hurt in the same spots on both legs, or is it just one? Like Sara said, it could be muscles of some sort. I have been having problems with muscles and knee of left leg (had that...
  8. MammaT

    THR Ready for My Tune Up

    Glad injection is looking positive @SaraK. Enjoy the swim meet tonight. I had similar experiences with my youngest--but it was in gyms at wrestling matches. While he didn't go as far as he would have liked, it was great for him to learn a lot and for us to spend time together.
  9. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    Thanks @Mojo333. It sometimes takes awhile to get everything sorted out. My left leg seizing up in spasms is what led me to have torn labrum repair in right hip first. Since I have high arch in left foot and flat in right, my walking has been off for a number of years. Want to make sure...
  10. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    Agree ITB could be issue. Even though left was replaced two years ago, it has been so long since I walked correctly. Going to have OS check things out, if joint looks good may see about PT for left. Also will check out getting orthotics to try to keep foot movement correct. I practice...
  11. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    Nearly at the 9 month mark--didn't realize how long since I have posted an update. Right hip is doing great. Left leg has had issues off and on. Still think it is from things other than the THR--foot and muscles. Last Sunday was walking down hill and had a very strange popping and pain in...
  12. MammaT

    THR Ready for My Tune Up

    Lol--still some tendon or something issue with my first hip @SaraK! Was walking down a hill last Sunday and something went wanky in my left knee. Hasn't cleared up yet. Cut way back on walking (was up to 5 miles a day). Going to see if it improves. See OS Nov.6 for 9 month check. Right hip...
  13. MammaT

    THR Ready for My Tune Up

    Good looking boy @SaraK! Stopping in to see how things are going--sorry that darned psao hasn't improved. Glad you have injection scheduled--hope it resolves the issue.
  14. MammaT

    THR jackie222 RTHR - recovery

    That sounds sadly familiar to me @Jackie222. I had right hip replaced 1 1/2 years after left. I did not let it go as long as I did the left. Happy to report a matched set is great. Hope it doesn’t get too bothersome.
  15. MammaT

    Hip Infection* problem

  16. MammaT

    THR MammaT’s Matched Set

    Hit the 5 month mark today and am happy to report recovery is fairly boring, even though my life is quite busy. It band issues seem to have resolved. Went out a couple of weeks ago and got properly fitted for shoes to give appropriate arch support and the muscle/tendon issues started melting...
  17. MammaT

    Hip Infection Mireille's New Hip<

    Glad the tooth is no longer. Extractions are just not fun. Don’t blame you for double checking everything @Mireille-you’ve gone through a lot to get to this point.
  18. MammaT

    Revision THR hip replacement gone bad<

    Well darned @zinnia, if it isn’t one thing it’s another. So sorry on your loss of Lulu. Pets do become part of our family. Glad you are getting circulation checked out. Very happy to hear you are doing some unassisted walking-you have worked hard to get there. Enjoy Williamsburg.
  19. MammaT

    Revision THR Looks like maybe a revision will be needed...

    My doc had me go off nsaids prior to both surgeries. I wasn’t taking many of them before second hip, I was following advice on here of Tylenol for pain and I was surprised how much more effective it was. Also, with second surgery doc had added Tylenol to assist with pain control, so something...
  20. MammaT

    THR AJinNH’s recovery RTHR

    Falling is scary stuff with or without a replaced hip. Hope soreness doesn’t take long to go away.

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