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  1. sistersinhim

    TKR Nickel Allergy Confirmed with Blood Test

    Alright, that's good news! I had to keep my knee a little bent for months.
  2. sistersinhim

    TKR Pattikakes Recovery

    The vast majority of us have had this. The longer you stand in one position, the more the knee is allowed to swell. Even if you don't see it outside, it will swell inside. That causes the stiffness. These new knees like to move. I found that if I walked in place why standing in one place, that...
  3. sistersinhim

    TKR Arizona2003's TKR Feb. 17, 2020 Recovery Thread

    Nighttime pain is usually a sign that you are doing too much during the day. I agree about the ice machine. I was addicted to ice! It's amazing how much it really does cut down the pain and swelling.
  4. sistersinhim

    PKR PKR Jan 2017 - is it failing?

    I'm going on 4 years and still have the clunking. Before the tkr I had the crunching, so there's really no problem, just trading one sound for another and the second one is the one without pain!
  5. sistersinhim

    MUA Knee is worse after TKR

    Oh my, don't you just hate that. I believe when we wake up with more pain than usual, that we have done something wrong in our sleep. It happened to me quite a few times. I suggest you try icing more than normal to try and get that pain back down. Elevation should help, too.
  6. sistersinhim

    Weekly Community Distance Meeting

    Our church is calling and texting back and forth between we members. It's not great, but at least we're keeping in touch. We are also searching for a pastor. We usually go to their churches and listen to a few sermons. That's not happening now, so things are happening slowly for that effort.
  7. sistersinhim

    TKR Nickel Allergy Confirmed with Blood Test

    You'll notice that I have merged your two threads together as we prefer that members in recovery only have one thread. This is for three reasons: 1. if you keep starting new threads, you miss the posts others have left you in the old threads 2. it often ends up that information is unnecessarily...
  8. sistersinhim

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral TKR March 5, 2020.

    Good deal. Ours started the first of the month here where I live. Then, it wasn't mandatory, just a strong suggestion. My apologies! It was my mistake.
  9. sistersinhim

    TKR And Now My LTKR Recovery Begins

    I had no appointments and I did great and so did many others! Trust yourself to know what to do for your knee. It's really just common sense.
  10. sistersinhim

    PKR QdogPa recovery

    I found that I'd could do about 15 minutes of weeding at first for about a week. I would increase it a little bit the next week and would see how my knee would react. I got it done, but it took me bout all summer!
  11. sistersinhim

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral TKR March 5, 2020.

    Doesn't your country have a stay at home order? Most of the world does now. After the major surgery you just had, your resistance is probably lower than a normal person's. It would be in your best interest and health to stay at home. Your healing will be going on for up to a year. There's no...
  12. sistersinhim

    TKR Feeling stiff and sore

    @Kimbo1, you should not even be going to PT with the virus out there. Haven't you been listening to the news? You might not have the virus, but who know how many before you have been to that PT who might have it! Your health is much more important that taking formal PT. All the movements you do...
  13. sistersinhim

    TKR Harry's NEW right knee

    One of the reasons for ankle and foot pain after this surgery is the different way we are walking now. This new knee changes many things about our gait. That ends up giving us extra pain in different places. Even my hip and back had different and new aches after this surgery.
  14. sistersinhim

    TKR Arizona2003's TKR Feb. 17, 2020 Recovery Thread

    I think you'd be better off riding the bike with no intensity. You knee is still too young to do that. It's great that you're able to ride for 15 minutes, but adding to the intensity is like adding weights. Be sure and listen to your knee. When it gets tight, meaning swelling, or hurts...
  15. sistersinhim

    TKR Feel so alone

    I think that lump with disappear on its own. You really don't want any needles in that new knee of yours. It sounds like are doing find. You really don't need PT, just your daily activities will rehab your knee easier and with less pain.
  16. sistersinhim

    TKR Post op ROM

    Are you having increased swelling? If so, that would explain your worsening ROM numbers. Are you elevating and icing while resting? You still should be if you're having pain and swelling.
  17. sistersinhim

    TKR And Now My LTKR Recovery Begins

    I am really surprised your PT hasn't cancelled all your appointments. Your's is definitely in the minority. I would not go anyway until the social distancing of 6' is lifted, which has been extended til April 30, 2020. You don't need it anyway. Everything you do in your daily activities is still...
  18. sistersinhim

    TKR Now post-op, surgery on Feb 25, 2020 USA

    I pretty much just forgot about doing any kind of PT or exercises and just used my knee taking care of myself, yard, house and cats. It was really slow going at first, but as the swelling went down some I was able to do a little bit more. Having gone through 11 knee surgeries before my TKR, I...
  19. sistersinhim

    PKR QdogPa recovery

    It took longer, but I used a 'reacher' to get my clothes out of the dryer. These are normally used to get things that are high up, but can be used to get lower things, too.
  20. sistersinhim

    TKR Pain and knee locking 4 months post right TKR

    This should tell you something. PT isn't helping you if they are causing you extra pain and swelling. Gentle movements without causing pain is the key to a successful recovery. The noises you hear under your kneecap is normal...

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