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    Cortisone shot?? Effectiveness?

    I had a couple of them. Don't remember exactly how long they helped for but I think I got decent pain relief for a few weeks from the first one. They effectiveness wore off with the second shot. I also had a hyaluronic acid injection once or twice and that helped a tiny bit.
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    Told to young for hip replacement

    I'm in the UK and had my hip done just before my 30th. It's still going strong 6-7 years later. If the doctor won't give you a referral then book a private appointment with the consultant you want to see and then they will give you the once over and add you to their in-patient list on the NHS...
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    Too young for THR - Upstate NY!

    Hi Bethanne, I don't visit the forum at all now but came on today because I wanted to see if there were any opinions on the tennis player Andy Murray having his hip resurfaced. Whilst here I came across this thread. I've had arthritis since my early teens and around 2010 it got unbearable in...
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    32 and Getting a New Hip

    I had mine done at 28-29. Going very well a few years down the line and wish I had done it sooner.
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    THR Sissie's recovery

    @sissy46 I'm doing very well thanks. Feeling very good and the hard times of 2012 seem like a lifetime ago.
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    THR Sissie's recovery

    Hi @sissy46 Came on here for the first time in a few months as I had some time to kill and you're one of the names I recognise from when I had my hip done. Glad to hear things are going well for you. Has anyone heard from @Damn! ? I remember her posts well too
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    No one, I just (wrongly?) assumed. In your opinion would I be better of starting the Arcoxia or sticking with ibuprofen?
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    @Josephine I've got the Arcoxia but I've not taken any yet. I thought with it being under control via ibuprofen I didn't want to get on any stronger NSAIDs.
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    @Josephine Bit of a late update. Had the bone scan and there are signs of Ankylosing Sp... The pain for that isn't even noticeable so that's not really a concern for me right now. (non-operated) Right hip is still a bit niggly, only currently taking 3 ibuprofen a day (2x night, 1x morning)...
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    @Josephine Yeah, good idea - maybe I should. It's not as bad as it was when I posted actually, only very slightly noticeable. One thing that made me realise it may not be arthritis - it feels fine in the morning and worse at night. That's not been the usual with my arthritis symptoms anyway.
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    So I had the bone scan at the end of Jan. Got a letter from the consultant saying he could see sign of damage (? was not his exact wording but along those lines) so he'll bring me in for an appointment soon. I've been having neck pain for a while now. Like it feels stiff turning...
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    @Poppet Hi :) I've not got an appointment yet so it'll probably be a while but I'll be sure to report back straight away.
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    So I saw the rheumatologist a month a few weeks ago and told him about the right (non-operated) hip pain. He suggested some blood tests to check my inflammation levels. Had those done and I've received a letter saying they are slightly high so I'm going to have a bone scan soon. I've googled it...
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    THR Not sure what I can and can't do afterTRHR/Waterbed

    G550 Hi there! I'm a fellow (free flow) waterbed user here. That was the main thing I missed when I had my THR. Sleeping on my back on a normal bed which felt as hard as a wooden floor was horrible. I got back into my waterbed as soon as I went for my 6 week checkup. It felt amazing!
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    Kim22 Was everything ok on your most recent x-rays? What did the OS say or have you not seen him since the pain started?
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    Kim22 What do you mean by soft tissue issues? Don't think I have any issues with the operated hip except for maybe when I try and balance on one leg on the odd occasion. No appointment with the OS. He said I need another referral for that as my original issue was the left hip which is now...
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Haven't had it impact me tooo much yet. I'm hoping if I get on the cocktail of drugs (diclofenac 2x a day and tramadol 2x day) I was on before my last op I won't even notice it. I'm just hesitant to start on them because I know once I'm on it the effectiveness of...
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    THR Recovery post op 21st Nov.

    So...good news/bad news. Had my one year check up last week. Left hip looks great on x-rays (and feels great when I'm walking, etc), right one not so good. Started feeling a little pain in it one month ago and it has gradually got worse. I was looking for a quick fix and asked the...
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    17 years old and getting a THR

    I echo these thoughts. I thought I was young at 29 but there are plenty far younger. I've said in numerous threads it's the best thing I've done and I wish I'd done it sooner.
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    Cortisone Injection

    I had a few cortisone injections as I was desperate to put off surgery for as long as possible. I think it is definitely worth doing once. It helped me a fair bit the first time, not pain free but comfortable for a month or two. When I had it the second time it didn't make much difference...

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