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  1. HertsHippy

    THR Skiing after THR

    I have just come back from a week's skiing in Austria just over one year post-OP. I was a bit wobbly on day 1 and fine after that - happy on reds and blacks and blasted down one run of 2k descent and over 10k length. The quad in my op leg was burning at times showing that I am still not back to...
  2. HertsHippy

    THR Not sure where to start..

    Andy Murray, Prince Philip, the Queen Mother to name a few..... Was on TV a lot after the Murray op.
  3. HertsHippy

    THR Herts hippy recovery

    - I swim in a nice warm indoor at my health club and can have a steam or sauna afterwards. Outdoor swimming is far too tough for me! 1km to 2km is not that far really and I do that before breakfast - good swimmers (and I am certainly not one) blast these distances. Unlike many others here I am...
  4. HertsHippy

    THR Herts hippy recovery

    It’s my hip’s one year anniversary today. I thought I would provide an update as not many people do so at this stage. My THR has been a great success and given me my life back – I feel a good ten years younger than I did a year ago. I am still feeling improvements even at one year out – I would...
  5. HertsHippy

    RTHR done - happy with that. Bad news: my left hip is showing signs

    I can relate to your situation. I had right THR almost a year ago. I have FAI in my left hip and an X-ray 4 years ago showed bone spurs. I am now getting arthritic pain (but at the moment it is not too severe) and some clicking. It is not affecting me much at the moment but as soon as it gets...
  6. HertsHippy

    THR Lancs lass recovery thread<

    I have been doing breaststroke regularly since my THR progressing to 2km and my new hip doesn't complain. I started with the whip kick and only more recently moved to the frog kick. You mention butterfly - wow that is ambitious. I can only do short distances. I do Pilates classes twice a week...
  7. HertsHippy

    THR 50 year old male's recovery

    @toughstuff I started in the pool at 6 weeks and found it great exercise. Walked forwards, backwards and sideways and exercised at the side of the pool. I didn't find it too strenuous. However you do have to take care walking to the pool and getting in and out!
  8. HertsHippy

    THR Stubborn pain- normal or PT induced?

    Using weights so early does not seem right - especially the leg press. My PT sanctioned the gym after 6 weeks but mainly crosstrainer/bike with low resistance and weights on upper body only to begin with.
  9. HertsHippy

    Tips Wanted - 65 and anxious

    All I bought was an upright armchair from Emmaus, which I sent back after 6 weeks, and Skechers slip on shoes as laces are impossible for a few weeks. The NHS supplied a raised toilet seat and two sticks. I made sure all key items were easily accessible and placed cushions on a kitchen chair. I...
  10. HertsHippy

    THR Hopefully Hippy Recovery

    Great to hear you are OK. I was doing 2km breaststroke within 3 months post THR without any problems. From my experience surgeons are less cautious than some other healthcare professionals. My surgeon said I could do virtually anything post op - which is great as I am looking forward to...
  11. HertsHippy

    THR Fiona UK recovery<

    That's where I had my THR - I live 4 miles south of Harpenden. Very nice hospital - almost like a hotel.
  12. HertsHippy

    THR Fiona UK recovery<

    That will be a breeze for you reading what you have achieved already. I used a stick outside until week 6 (so much much slower progress than you) but was doing 10 mile walks by month 4 and could do 20 by month 5. At month 6 went up Helvellyn and Scafell Pike comfortably. I am sure you will reach...
  13. HertsHippy

    THR Two hips done - Zauberflote's Hippaversaries!

    I did Barre classes 3-6 months post-op - my Pilates teacher (who was two THRs) recommended it. It was great for one recovering hip and one deteriorating hip. Barre is getting popular here in the UK with a lot of clubs running classes. I also find Pilates very good for my hips - there are many...
  14. HertsHippy

    THR Hopefully Hippy Recovery

    I find swimming so good for my hips - regularly do 1km to 2 km and feel much better for it. I envy your pool - much nicer than our ( very expensive) club's pools. To celebrate 9 months had a lobster tasting menu in cloisters in a very old London church. With some very nice wine.
  15. HertsHippy

    THR Hopefully Hippy Recovery

    Happy anniversary @SurreyGirl - it is so good to get rid of the pain and back to normal. I hope you are enjoying your club and are signing up to some more classes.
  16. HertsHippy

    THR 30 days and still recovering <

    Hi @Marvin L - my expectation having spoken to fitness instructors who had THR was at least 12 months for full recovery. I was very active before OA struck and I have been active from 6 weeks post-op. I am now 9 months post-op and continuing to see improvements albeit they are more subtle now...
  17. HertsHippy

    Revision THR 55 male cyclist 2019 October Revision THR

    I'm 8 months out and still not 100% - expect it will be over a year before fully back to normal. Having said that now playing squash and golf without any problems so getting there.
  18. HertsHippy

    THR Weakness in thigh & buttock at 11 weeks^

    I agree with Ariel. My NHS physio was excellent. She told me which exercises were appropriate for me and made sure I was not over doing it. She monitored my progress, answered any questions I had and managed my expectations of recovery. From reading other threads it seems that PT in the US is...
  19. HertsHippy

    THR Ariel back on his feet (almost)

    I had my first physio just after 2 weeks post op and then every 2 weeks until just after 3 months - NHS but in a private hospital (Spire). Each session was 30 minutes. Physio checked the hip and range of movement and suggested 2 or 3 new exercises to progress to. My physio kept on telling me...
  20. HertsHippy

    THR Herts hippy recovery

    @Klassy That is a brilliant quote. I sometimes read Melanie Reid's Spinal column in the Saturday Times (which I get for the cryptic jumbo). Quite remarkable and makes me realise how lucky I have been. I also read on another thread that a forum member's OS said that you can expect to be 50%...

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