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  1. truckinguy

    Shoulder pain and surgery results questions

    I have bone on my right shoulder as of 2014 xrays.. lived with growing pain due to I was told I'd have to retire from work if I did the shoulder replacement. I can't do that.. I can wind down some by avoiding the heavy work. I'm a reupholster. It doesn't hurt when carrying a chair or...
  2. truckinguy

    TKR Op June 2nd, meds and nausea

    Got it done with Spinal. But I woke up sick and stayed that way all day. I was bad.. don't understand it. Finally by 9pm Mon night it was dark and I still hadn't gotten any relief so I asked the nurse if I was dying. She got the head nurse. I felt I was slipping away. They came down and changed...
  3. truckinguy

    What will Day 9 be like?

    I know I haven't gone to the "other side" yet but I want to hear from the Horses mouth. My Surgeon is doing my first (Right) knee on July 9th and second one July 18th. So I'm wondering what I'll be like with the right knee going in for the second one. I know this depends on the person,etc...
  4. truckinguy

    Got my 2 dates for my 2 TKR's.

    Well I met my Surgeon today and had a long talk. I liked him and we decided on my dates. He won't do both at once but will do them 10 days apart. July 9th is the first then July 18th for the second. He left it up to me whether to do the second then depending on how I feel. But I'm determined...
  5. truckinguy

    Newbie with a ways to go yet.

    Hi to all For those who are sceduled to get a TKR I envy that you'd made the decision and are getting it done and over with. I'm in the process now of starting to seriously think about it. My knees have been giving me pain for 15 years at least. 7 years ago I had Micro Fracture Surgery...

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