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  1. J

    TKR 11 months after TKR

    Patriciad your comments really help me a lot. I have been feeling like my knee will never feel normal again. Thank you.
  2. J

    TKR 11 months after TKR

    Reader525 thank you. I can’t kneel on TKR but I can squat and bend. I’m happy with the fact my pain is gone and can do all these things but, it just seems like I shouldn’t be have this stiffness feeling at almost a year.
  3. J

    TKR 11 months after TKR

    My surgery date was November 9, 2020. I do hours of yard work at a time plus exercise with the bike 20-30 minutes almost every morning and maybe 2x a week leg lifts with 4 lb weights.
  4. J

    TKR 11 months after TKR

    Recovery has been going well. It’s been 11 months since my TKR and no pain at all. Can bend 130 degrees and straighten fully to zero. BUT I have a lot of stiffness, doesn’t prevent me from any of my daily activities but very bothersome!!!! My doctor says, “ oh don’t worry about it sometimes it...


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