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  1. Sisterpat

    TKR Second TKR Recovery

    Teachfirst, :welome: as a posting member to Bonesmart! The following guidelines are probably familiar, but I’ll post them anyway: Knee Recovery: The Guidelines 1. Don’t worry: Your body will heal all by itself. Relax, let it, don't try and hurry it, don’t worry about any symptoms now, they...
  2. Sisterpat

    TKR Better each week

    Pain often changes in location and intensity. I am pretty far out from both replacements, but I still have random pains. I think this is pretty normal. Try not to worry. Just keep an eye on it.
  3. Sisterpat

    TKR 9 Weeks post opp

    Papa Smurf, welcome and congratulations on your new knee! You are still in the baby stages of recovery. This recovery can take up to a year and beyond. It is slow and often a roller coaster ride with many peaks and valleys. Sleep comes hard for many of us. Be patient, ice and elevate. We...
  4. Sisterpat

    TKR Hawkie's 2nd Knee

    Slow and steady wins the race. Often seems like one step forward, two steps back. Keep on keeping on and one day this will all be a distant memory,
  5. Sisterpat

    TKR Booger's Left Knee

    Patience, patience! This recovery tests even the strongest among us. Knees heal at their own rate - usually slower than we would like :banghead: .
  6. Sisterpat

    TKR Benne68 in recovery

    benne, sounds like an overwhelmingly positive report! Stairs can be difficult for a long time. Though i can go up and down fairly normally MOST days, there are still days i struggle - and, as you see from my dates, I am much further along than you. Hang in there.
  7. Sisterpat

    TKR Jaspa's Recovery Thread

    It would be helpful to get your hands on a shower seat so you wouldn’t have to stand throughout the whole thing. Eventually, you will feel more secure. It is still early days for you.
  8. Sisterpat

    TKR 4 Weeks out RTKR

    dfrish, what was the date of your surgery?
  9. Sisterpat

    TKR Booger's Left Knee

    Welcome, Booger! Sounds like you are doing really well for the time frame post op! Try not to compare your progress with anyone else’s. Every knee is different. I certainly agree with Jamie about not letting anyone push your knee just to obtain a certain number! The flexion will come as will...
  10. Sisterpat

    TKR Cass1e Recovery from Right Knee

    Yes, slow and steady wins this race. Congratulations on your new knee. Lots of challenges ahead. Ice and elevate as much as possible. Come here often for support and information.
  11. Sisterpat

    TKR Nearly 4 weeks post op TKR

    Millie, this is such a long recovery for most! You are actually ahead of many in this game. It took about 4-5 mon’t has before I could even sleep! The energy drain is SO natural after this massive surgery. Your body is sending all its energy to healing your knee with little left over for...
  12. Sisterpat

    TKR 11 months after TKR

    JMG, welcome! Your doc is correct and I wouldn’t worry about a 2nd opinion. Stiffness cases for a long time. If you are doing the things you like without pain, you are well on the road to full recovery.
  13. Sisterpat

    TKR 4 Weeks out RTKR

    Sounds like lots of progress for several people. But, as Jaycey said, and I totally agree, every knee is different, pre-op condition varies, and if recovery is much slower for some people (and that is the norm), then no one should be discouraged nor compare your recovery to anyone else’s. We...
  14. Sisterpat

    Knee Infection* Question about dizziness

    :welome: Catalien! Give yourself lots of time. This is a slow, roller coaster recovery. Ice, ice, ice. And elevate. Don’t push yourself too hard and don’t let anyone else push you. You are in control.
  15. Sisterpat

    TKR DogTiredKnees Recovery Thread

    Glad to hear that! Your physio friend is right - one size never fits all. You have to do whatever is right for YOUR knee. Walks around the house are good at this point, but don’t neglect to ice and elevate throughout the day. This is a long and often tedious recovery, but so worth it! Hang...
  16. Sisterpat

    TKR SZone's Recovery Thread

    Happy Birthday! Retirement, if anything like my own, isn’t just sitting around doing nothing! I somehow seem busier now than when I was working! But I know you will enjoy that time, especially having a new, pain-free knee!
  17. Sisterpat

    TKR Earth2Lise Knee #1

    Welcome, earth2lise! Have you discussed this with your primary care physician, if you have one? Does the ibuprofen calm the pain? There are some herbal things purported to ease pain, so you would have to do some research there.Keep us posted.
  18. Sisterpat

    TKR Knee Wobble Question

    And don’t forget to ice and elevate! I am MONTHS out of both my TKR’s and woke up with pain behind my left knee today! It just takes a long time to heal. :banghead:
  19. Sisterpat

    TKR Newbie

    Try not to be too anxious about sleep! For many, including myself, it took months before normal sleep returned. Keep going for naps when you can. I slept in my recliner for months, unable to get comfortable in my bed. It will come.
  20. Sisterpat

    TKR Benne68 in recovery

    This is a roller coaster recovery, y’all! A year long - or longer - time span. Will be good days and not - so - good days for many weeks ahead. Relax and enjoy the ride.


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