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    Revision TKR Need help with next steps

    @WFD My surgeon now wants to do another MUA. Have booked an appt with Dr. Robinson at Panorama Ortho for 2nd opinion. Really want to find a doc local that uses irradiation though. :umm:
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    TKR Discouraged after TLKA

    The tenseness i experienced after an MUA and when I push my knee in exercising is called guarding and that is the leg reacting to pain, trying to protect itself from injury. Is this what you have?
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    TKR MUA second thoughts

    I had an MUA and am now only at 90° ROM, even though they broke my adhesions to 130° during the MUA. I woke up with my leg all guarded from the procedure which was extremely painful but I got through it. It is nerve pain i am contending with now. I continue to go to PT and each degree I gain...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    @WFD How tall is the rolling luggage you use? I am going to go through our luggage too! Thanks so much.
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    Revision TKR Need help with next steps

    @WFD I got a 2nd opinion from Dr. Kinder at Panorama Ortho in Golden, CO. Great doc. He is sending me to another pain doc (go see my thread). Also a Dr. Robinson at Panorama does debridements. Will talk with him after pain doc and revisit with my OS.
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    Got 2nd opinion from another ortho doc last week. He is sending me to a better pain mgmt doc, appt is on 18th, for CRPS eval and lumbar block consideration. He also said to continue PT to see how far we can increase ROM on our own. Then I have follow up with OS the week after next. Am afraid my...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    @Jockette Thank you so much for your support. Some days with the OS and PT being so down on my progress, I get scared and worried about the future for my knee. 1. I do not want anymore procedures. 2. I want my care team to be optimistic for me, but they have history of other patients on their...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    Thank you @Rubyroo. Every prayer is precious and needed!:angel:
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    @hawk2go Thank you for your comment and feedback. I feel so alone out here that it is good to know someone hears me.:sorry:
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    41 days since MUA Best ROM seen is 90 degrees with PT pushing me a bit during a heel slide. OS said he thought I have CRPS and sent me over to pain doc in same practice, mentioning a lumbar block would help with ROM for 6 months. Pain doc said he thought issue with ROM and pain I have is from...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    RTKR: Sep 16 MUA: Nov 17 Leg seizing became a big hindrance and Dr. increased my relaxant by 50% and advised PT focus on getting leg/muscles relaxed, rather than focusing on any movement. ROM at this point was less than before MUA. I don't know the exact measurement but using the measurements...
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    TKR Stiff knee post op

    I just had an MUA. It has given me a chance to move forward with my ROM. The worse part was waking up to a cramped leg due to muscle guarding, but the meds soon took that away. You have a better ROM than I did though. I worried more about the MUA more than I needed to. Procedure took only...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    Day 5 post-MUA Quad is still guarding and is seized in some areas. I spent a long time in bed with my leg up and massaging my thigh and knee. My quad relaxed a bit so moved to my bench, massaged leg more with foot on ground, then I did one of my simple exercises. I saw improvement in my ROM...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    Day 2 post-MUA Leg and knee are sore. Hard to walk and back using walker since the procedure. Iced today but the knee wasn't very warm actually. Did one round of exercises that I promised PT I would do. Ouch! Ended up back in bed icing. Couple hours later I went to PT site to use their...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    At home after MUA procedure. Hubby didn't even have time to go to the restroom after they took me back before OS called him to say it was over and that it went very well. OS reported getting to 130 degrees off my <70 degree leg. By the time I was able to go to the restroom, I tested the ROM...
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    TKR Fat leg

    @CGOS I had my TKR a month earlier and still uncomfortable but it is reducing over time. The journey is not a straight line but you will make progress. One of the moderators will send you more information on this thread. They have a wealth of experience to share. I get exhausted easily still...
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    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    Getting scheduled for an MUA, hopefully next week. My ROM is getting worse everyday. Meds will be better managed this time as I changed the PA I was working with in the office. I am scared but want to be able to walk again! Had first therapy session for my PTSD from the mismanagement of meds...
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    TKR Frustration

    @Sprotte I can relate to your story. Even though I have family nearby and my husband is home every evening, I am alone everyday. Luckily I do have some phone calls during the day, even if just with the billing office for my OS..but still...there is this profound loneliness. No one knows those...
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    TKR Sharon’s second knee recovery!

    You are the leading lady in your recovery and you will write the script. My PT says there is NO timeline for each of the milestones because every recovery is different. Others are anxious to see us recovered and I've noticed they are measuring recovery based on my unassisted walking. I know...
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    Revision TKR Need help with next steps

    Definitely let us know if you get to see Dr. Gill!


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