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  1. linette333

    THR Linette333 is in recovery<

    I have set up my recovery thread while I am waiting for the surgery - probably won't be so lucid after! So here goes ...!
  2. linette333

    At last!

    At last I have a date for my RTHR surgery!! June 7th with the pre-op on May 27th. I mostly feel relieved, I think, but terrified as well! I have been reading lots of posts on this forum, both pre-op and recovery, so I am of course well-informed, but that doesn't stop the anxiety. All those tasks...
  3. linette333

    While I wait

    Having now accepted that a THR is the correct plan of action for me (well, the only pan of action really!), I am wondering what I should be doing to prepare myself for this op. I don't have an actual date for the surgery yet - I have been told that they "aim for" 14 weeks, but I realise that it...
  4. linette333

    Shin pain

    Hi! I am new here and looking for advice. I have arthritis in my right hip and have been advised by my consultant to have a THR and so I am now on the waiting list. My issue is that I have little pain in the hip itself - the severe pain is in my shin. I know that referred pain is common, but has...


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