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  1. Bodie’sMom

    THR Surgery October 25, back to living!

    Thanks @Reanda! My job involves pushing large, 3-4 tier carts, loaded with stock, around all day, so a lot of walking, bending and placing stock on shelves. They will put heavier items, mid level if I ask them to. I do put a lot of kms on, in a day. It will just be a matter of getting fit and...
  2. Bodie’sMom

    THR Surgery October 25, back to living!

    I made it to 3 months:happydance: At 10 weeks, I thought hmm, maybe I am turning the corner. I was walking better and longer, without the cane. It turned out to be a long winding corner, but I was still going forward. There has been a lot of changes, since then. While, for the most part, I’m...
  3. Bodie’sMom

    THR Reanda on the other side!

    Hi @Reanda, what a good feeling, eh:yahoo:So happy that you are doing well! It’s like getting a new lease on life! 7lbs won’t take long, at the rate you’re going!
  4. Bodie’sMom

    THR One week out and doing fantastic!

    @FriesianRider what an incredible recovery-just wow!! After spending my career, caring for racehorses, I know just how much, hard physical work that labour of love is. It’s a way of life and not for the faint of heart, but oh, so rewarding! Miss those nickers, first thing in the morning:sorry...
  5. Bodie’sMom

    THR Jan 21 - Time for the Right Hip

    @CG'sknees good luck!! You will do great! I had my surgery, mid morning and back home for supper and would do it again, in a heartbeat! I couldn’t wait and just felt relief, when I got home. See you on the other side:)
  6. Bodie’sMom

    THR Reanda on the other side!

    Hi @Reanda you are doing really well! I couldn’t walk outside, without a cane at 2 months and still use it, when I get tired. Your procedure was similar to mine, you with posterior and mine being lateral. We both had muscles cut and take a little longer to heal. I felt, that I was starting to...
  7. Bodie’sMom

    THR Pre-surgery quarantine?

    @PolarIce I had a spinal, no general and my knee, started to ache, when the surgeon put the staples in. I was completely thawed out, when they rolled me to recovery. During my pre-op, I spoke to the anaesthetist about making sure, I slept through the op and was told it was standard procedure...
  8. Bodie’sMom

    THR 3 Weeks Post-Op for 50 Year Old

    I bet you heard it, afterwords! All of our worst fears. Whew! So glad you are ok! I’ve used more salt, this winter already, than I used all last winter. I salt ahead of me, as I walk down my sidewalk to my driveway, even with a light snow, just in case ice is underneath. Parking lots are pretty...
  9. Bodie’sMom

    THR It’s time for the right hip replacement

    Hi @wander03 you will love your lift chair! I got mine before surgery and it was a game changer! I found getting out of my low recliner, close to impossible, towards the end. Your knee and hips will thank you. The only thing, I didn’t take into account was, after surgery about the 3 week mark...
  10. Bodie’sMom

    THR If Your Surgery Is Postponed.....

    Hi @cannygirl, I agree with Mojo. It’s tough, when the pain gets that bad. I found the only time I felt somewhat normal, was going for a drive, to get out of the house. I was advised to use a cane, to help me walk straighter and take some of the pressure off the bad side. Does a knee support...
  11. Bodie’sMom

    THR Kriztina post op Nov 2 thr left

    I would, as protocols are different everywhere. My surgeon had told me, emergency procedures were ok. Our protocol is no dentistry for 6 months after, but don’t have to do antibiotics beforehand. I broke a tooth, before surgery, but it’s been fine, so will wait the 6 months.
  12. Bodie’sMom

    THR Pre-surgery quarantine?

    I’m in Ontario and my surgeon’s office advised me to self isolate, after my pre op. I think it was 10 days. I wasn’t working and wear an N95, when I go out and only went to the grocery store, which was fine, she said. That was before Omicron though. They have cancelled all elective surgeries...
  13. Bodie’sMom

    THR Post Op - Techniques for closing incision

    Hi @Skydove, I can’t even imagine, the torture you will go through, mentally and physically, if you have to wait another 24 days. It is unconscionable, that your surgeon is leaving you, in this state. I am so sorry, you are having to go through this and agree with Layla and Seattle. You need...
  14. Bodie’sMom

    THR Schaargi Hip #2 Nov. 2

    @Schaargi wow! Grabbing the chocolate, before the:dogsniff: is pretty incredible, at the best of times! That was a busy Christmas! You are a brave woman! So glad you are doing well! You are so focused and determined, I have no doubt, you will get to where you want to be:)
  15. Bodie’sMom

    THR Reanda on the other side!

    @Reanda that is awesome! If you look at my thread, at the same time frame, my PT, pretty much said the same thing! Made me feel better too. Such a relief, to know, everything you are going through, is normal progression and It will only get better :)
  16. Bodie’sMom

    THR Equipment used and Must Haves

    I found my electric lift chair on Amazon warehouse deals. I couldn’t have afforded it otherwise. It has been a godsend to me. You might be able to rent one too. I found, most of my hospital supplies, through Amazon Warehouse too and saved a ton of money. (disclaimer, I don’t work for Amazon...
  17. Bodie’sMom

    THR Reanda on the other side!

    Hi @Reanda,, as Eman pointed out, the mental aspect beforehand, doesn’t even cross your mind. But it sure plays head games with you afterwords. I was and am like you, just 3 weeks later. I’ve had to reset, my expectations and goals, 3 times already. It is so hard to celebrate the smaller...
  18. Bodie’sMom

    THR Terrible muscle pains

    @YogaLesley I am so sorry for your loss. Wish I could reach out and give you a hug. My heart goes out to you and sending my prayers, as well.
  19. Bodie’sMom

    THR Surgery October 25, back to living!

    2 months on Christmas Day! Merry Christmas everyone:xmas-wave-smiley-emoticon: I really have had a dream recovery from surgery! I sleep well, don’t take any medication, I walk a couple of miles a day. My persistent headache, finally left, a week ago. I never, ever, thought I could be, this pain...
  20. Bodie’sMom

    THR Boxmaker's RTHR

    Hi @Boxmaker1917! Welcome to the other side! Your account is similar to mine, in many ways, including the peeing… I did better on the Celebrex and Tylenol combo too, even though Tylenol never did much for me. It does help to take the edge off. Opioids made me feel icky too. Can you adjust the...


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