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    Finger/Thumb Right Thumb joint's LRTI coming up October 8!

    @Grammyof2 congratulations on the walking and especially on finding a comfortable walking aid. When I had my hip replacement the physio wondered what I would be able to manage as I have a fused wrist. Thankfully I could manage with canes without stressing any hand joints. I understand your...
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    Finger/Thumb Right Thumb joint's LRTI coming up October 8!

    @Grammyof2 I have just updated my thread about my trapeziectomy 6 months ago. I would definitely recommend a shower sleeve. Mine came from Limbo Products in the UK, but I'm sure similar are available in the US. The big plaster cast with all the padding was only for 2 weeks so I managed with...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    A quick update of my progress following the trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy 6 months ago. I noticed @Grammyof2 is having the same thumb surgery and reading my thread might help. The surgery has been very successful and I can mark my progress by how much gardening I have done this...
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    Wrist To fuse or not to fuse...

    @gryphon I don't think Josephine is active on the forum any more as she is recovering from her own surgery. I just Googled wrist fusion and found people with rheumatoid arthritis discussing it. The website is healthunlocked.com. The only person I have talked to with any experience was a mum of...
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    Wrist To fuse or not to fuse...

    Hi @gryphon, I don't have any adaptive things for craft. I needle felt, make cards, paint, sew and garden without any special help. I do have some garden hand tools that put less stress on my right hand because I am fearful that will go the same way as my left. Talking to you has made me think...
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    Wrist To fuse or not to fuse...

    Hi @gryphon I am sorry to hear you are having such serious wrist problems when you are still so young. Many people will not appreciate just how exhausting the pain is when the tiniest of hand/finger movement can set it off. I can't remember exactly when the pain in my left wrist started...
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    Finger/Thumb Joint fusion?

    Hi @pg58 , I haven't had a finger joint fused but I have had a cyst removed (right DIP joint cyst excision). The cyst had formed on the arthritic joint and become large enough to keep getting knocked. After a second infection I referred myself to the hand surgeon I was already seeing for wrist...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    @Jaycey, @Jamie thank you for your kind comments and continued support. I saw the surgeon yesterday, 9 weeks since surgery, and had an x-ray to check my progress. We are both pleased by my recovery and the range of movement and dexterity I have regained since the trapeziectomy. I acknowledged...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    Six week update. I saw the hand therapist on Friday to monitor how I was getting on after the trapeziectomy. I explained the splint was uncomfortable and that for the past five days I had only been wearing it at night and outside. She promptly took the splint from me and put it in the rubbish...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    I have had 2 physio appointments now, the first to check the splint which did need modifying. Last Friday I started the exercises. I tried them in the clinic with the hand therapist who then emailed me the set as a video 'exercise prescription'. Great idea as a reminder of what I am trying to...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    2 week update: I had the plaster cast removed yesterday and the two wounds are healing nicely. There had been a lot of bruising which is now fading. I then had an x-ray and went to physio for a hand therapist to make a splint. It was an interesting process, firstly she drew a template and cut...
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    Revision THR Fractured femoral prosthesis

    @helenium, having 'met you' on my hand thread I have just read here about your hip problems and can understand that your crutches will hurt your thumb. After my hip op I only had canes because the physio thought my fused wrist would struggle with crutches. You have gone through such a lot of...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    @helenium we could have shared the pyjamas because I had to buy men's shirts to get a cuff big enough. They came from that well-known high street cheap clothes store but I really like them although my husband thinks he might acquire one of them! A quick update on my hand, the bruising I can see...
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    THR EmEm starting the road to recovery

    A two year update. I have continued to walk everywhere I can and can forget about my hip completely. I was told I was a good advert for hip replacement as I climbed up past other Lake District walkers this autumn. Unfortunately my left hand deteriorated enough to require more surgery and I am...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    Hi @Jaycey, the surgery took 2.5 hours and was meant to be a day case. By the time I came round in the recovery room the decision had been made to keep me overnight. It's now one week on and the pain is managed with just paracetamol. I had OraMorph in the hospital and was sent home with that and...
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    Hand Trapeziectomy and ulnar shortening osteotomy

    I have written here previously of ongoing hand problems. In 2016 I had a left total wrist fusion and recovered well, adapting to a wrist that no longer bends but does rotate. I knew at the time that I also had arthritis in other areas of the same hand but have managed nearly 4 years before...
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    Wrist Four Corner Wrist Fusion

    Hi @rdgallo I'm not on the forum much but I have written on here about my total wrist fusion. I don't know anything about the technique you are considering but I can tell you about having a fused wrist with a titanium plate. Problems with my wrist started a long time ago and when pain increased...
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    Bilateral THR Grateful Double Hippy

    @Mojo333 Congratulations on your 2 year, 2 hip anniversary and a big thank you for all the support you give to everyone here.
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    THR Reviews following THR

    Welcome to BoneSmart @Avers. I had my THR in October 2017, saw the surgeon at 5 weeks and was discharged from his care forever. His parting words were "If you have any problems you know where I am." I think follow-up appointments vary a lot both in the UK and the US.
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    THR EmEm starting the road to recovery

    @Jaycey, thank you for the suggestion - I have just ordered a pair! I had finger surgery in July to remove a cyst on a joint and since then have developed surgery induced Reynaud's.


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