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  1. hipster_chic

    THR Hipster_Chics Wild Ride Round 2 Recovery: Superpath THR-L

    Hello all. First of all, my apologies for the delay in this post! I had my THR-L done by Dr Elvis Grandic, Boyton Beach FL on 8/18. I posted a quickie thread under the pre-op section, but in a nutshell, this surgery was a bit more challenging than my THR-R, which was done in 2014. You can read...
  2. hipster_chic

    THR Hipster Chic's Wild Ride Round 2 (THR-L/Superpath)

    Hey all, Thought I'd start this thread to document my 2nd THR journey! I had THR-R/Superpath back in 2014 & just as I was celebrating my 7yr hip-a-versary, learned that I need to replace my left hip :nah: So far, the left hip has been TOTALLY different than what I experienced with my right...
  3. hipster_chic

    Happy Hip-A-Versary

    Just dropping by to wish a happy hip-a-versary to my hip buddies @Sue629 @jebrig3164 @stanH @Dieter @fulafoto @M1ke So hard to believe it's been a YEAR already?! Things are going well here in Atlanta! I'm doing a charity walk this weekend (yay!) and am averaging between 10-12K steps each day...
  4. hipster_chic

    THR From Hipster Chic to Hippie Chic!! My Superpath THR

    Hey everyone! I wanted to give a quick post op report from South Florida! My surgery was initially scheduled for 8:30am, but things were a bit behind schedule and I ended up going in at around 12:30p, in recovery by around 2p and in my own room by 3:30pm...talk about a whirlwind! I opted for the...
  5. hipster_chic

    Leaving, on a jet plane...

    ...and on my way to Flo-ri-da! Am I really doing this??? :yikes: Yeah, I am! And it's all good!! Should be there by midnight and um....well, the countdown begins! I had a lovely send off from my GA friends, so I'm all set with a cuddly stuffed animal to squeeze when things get crazy, lots...
  6. hipster_chic

    A question about Aircast Cryo Cuff for the Hippies...

    I've been busy reading to get prepared for my upcoming R-THR, and trying to get well versed on the whole icing and elevation. I see several mentions about the Cryo cuff, but it appears that this is mostly recommended for those with TKR, and not really for THR. Am I correct here? Has anyone...
  7. hipster_chic

    Getting closer and...hoping my rotten old hip can hang in there!

    So as I'm approaching my Apr 30th surgery date, it seems like my darling old right hip is seriously going downhill....fast! My surgeon had me get off Meloxocam and start on Celebrex about a month ago, and since that time....ugh! I feel like someone stuffed rocks and pebbles into my hip joint -...
  8. hipster_chic

    T-55 days and counting: new hip scheduled on April 30th!

    Well today I scheduled my surgery with Dr. Grandic, so assuming all goes as planned, I'll get my new right hip on April 30th (eeeeeeeeek!). I'm excited, anxious and scared all at the same time, if that makes any sense!!! Anyway, just wanted to share...this is really happening!! Thanks to all...
  9. hipster_chic

    My Superpath consult with Dr Grandic

    Today I had my consult with Dr Grandic and wow...what a guy! He really took his time and answered all of my questions, had a really cool disposition and really made me feel at ease :) We went over my MRI and he took some new X-Rays and my hip is in much worse shape that originally thought, so...
  10. hipster_chic

    Ladies... will I ever wear heels again (sigh!)

    I haven't been able to wear my high heels in two years and I'm wondering...is there anyone out there who was able to wear them after THR? Just some fleeting thoughts from a fashionista :)
  11. hipster_chic

    50 Ways to Lose My Femur...hello from a newbie!

    Hey everyone - I stumbled upon this site and have since been reading, reading, reading - but thought it was time for a proper introduction :) I'm Lisa, diagnosed with AVN about two years ago and am now at the point where I need to get R-THR this year (my femur is collapsing!). There seems to...


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