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  1. earth2lise

    TKR 9 Weeks post opp

    I can relate, @Papa Smurf! My TKR was 2 days after yours on 9/9. Although my recovery has not been nearly as smooth as yours has been, in the last week or so, my whole body has hurt to the point where I have wrapped myself in heated blankets both during and after icing. My ability to walk has...
  2. earth2lise

    TKR Hello From Australia

    Hi JanPea, I am over 6 weeks post-op and still get the zingers daily, although they have lessened considerably. As for comfort in bed, I continue to sleep with 2 pillows, so my head and shoulders are raised plus I sleep with a pillow in my bed for either putting between my knees or elevating my...
  3. earth2lise

    MUA ValleyGirl Recovery

    My TKR was a week before yours @ValleyGirl and I am just over 90 flexion. I, too, have been scared to death of my PT and surgeon recommending an MUA. After reading through Bonesmart, I finally sat down with my PT (who is quite the taskmaster) and told her I would not do an MUA and I only wanted...
  4. earth2lise

    TKR Kate97497’s post op

    Boy, can I relate to how you feel. So sorry you are feeling so sick from the meds on top of the pain. It's the worst. I had a terrible time with nausea and vomiting from the meds - and Zofran didn't help me either. I was so sick, home PT would come and just leave without doing anything with me...
  5. earth2lise

    TKR Earth2Lise Knee #1

    Thank you all for your replies. This is very helpful. I may contact my PCP for help, although the last time I contacted her about issues with my TKR, she sent me to the ER, which was not helpful. Sorry for the negativity, but between the pandemic and the Maine health worker mask mandate, medical...
  6. earth2lise

    TKR Earth2Lise Knee #1

    I have a question for anyone out there on medication experiences. Because I have had such adverse reactions to medication, including Tylenol, I am at a loss as to what I should be taking at this point. My surgeon is no help (practice is in shambles), my PT can't help, so am truly just hanging...
  7. earth2lise

    TKR Earth2Lise Knee #1

    Thanks for the welcome and for sharing that with me, Susie-Q. It helps to hear that! This site is so comforting and helpful. After reading more on here, I recognize how important it is for me to let go of the ROM numbers and just do my stretches and exercises and focus on one day at a time. My...
  8. earth2lise

    TKR Earth2Lise Knee #1

    Hi Everyone, I am brand new here and am so relieved to have found a community that is on my same journey. I had my RTKR on September 9th, 2021. My recovery has been very bumpy with terrible reactions to medication, nausea, vomiting, rash all over my body, hot flashes and, as a result, improperly...


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