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  1. Catalien45

    TKR Sharon’s second knee recovery!

    Catalien here.... I’m just now doing a little catching up, I haven’t been on for a few days. I’m so very sorry to hear of your friend’s husband passing. And also of your nurse friend’s husband. I think they are both very fortunate to have you as their friend.. my prayers have been, and...
  2. Catalien45

    PKR Taking it steady

    Hi, Carol Anna.... just checking in on you. I’m sorry to hear you battle the migraines... I’ve never experienced that, but have friends who do, they sound tough. Just keeping you in my thoughts & prayers that you will continue to heal from both. That’s great you can sleep on your side...
  3. Catalien45

    Knee Infection* 4 surgeries, 2 revisions, 1 staph epi infection

    I am reading both your posts, @laralealu and @ crowwood..... I am in awe at all you have both, individually, been through! I experienced an infection roughly 5 weeks after my initial surgery. I was in the hospital for 6 days, & had a cleanout surgery there. My Dr feels pretty sure that it was...
  4. Catalien45

    TKR Rubyroo TKR #2

    @ SusieQ... our Nordic Track is probably one of the older ones, we got it well over 20 years ago, probably 25 or 30, when we lived in Texas ( been in Colorado 22 years in July). It’s pretty basic, my only complaint is that it doesn’t register steps on my little fitbit, so I feel a bit “ ripped...
  5. Catalien45

    PKR Taking it steady

    @ CaroI Anna, I am so sorry to see that you’ve had these blood clots! And so glad your sister insisted you get it checked out immediately. It’s so easy for any of us to “ dismiss” symptoms, especially if they don’t seem that bad, or we can find other explanations. Years ago, my big brother’s...
  6. Catalien45

    TKR Rubyroo TKR #2

    Hi, @Rubyroo ....catching up on you....congratulations on your stair victories! I’m pretty well going up , and, down pretty well normally now, albeit slowly, and down, I still use both rails for balance, and some, but not full support. I’m still careful not to push myself too much, I did...
  7. Catalien45

    TKR Round Two

    Hi, Marycool... I have the same here, when I first get up, my knee is a bit grouchy, but once I am up & moving, it’s better. I usually wake up once during the night, ( particularly since I’m drinking so much water for the antibiotics), and my leg & knee are stiff & hurt some. I figure it’s...
  8. Catalien45

    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Congratulations, starsfan22!! I think you have definitely earned that! I’m so very excited for you! . And, for your 6 week checkup. Two Very wonderful reports from you. As to your being impatient... with every thing that you’ve been through.....I think most Would be impatient at times. You...
  9. Catalien45

    TKR Sharon’s second knee recovery!

    I’m joining in with my prayers for your family and friends. And you, you’ve been through so much. I’m so happy for you that you got to spend the day babysitting your two young grandchildren..... what a joy! When our daughter was small, my husband one day said, “ she is discovering the world!”...
  10. Catalien45

    Knee Infection* Question about dizziness

    I will have to write some family stories for our grandson. My middle sister who will be 79 in May, has been working on some family stories, several times, she has sent a copy to the rest of us. When we were all quite small ( maybe before I was born?), our Dad’s younger brother, “Doots” was his...
  11. Catalien45

    Knee Infection* Infection after 5 weeks

    Hi, doopy, catching up again & saw you had a new post, I’ve been wondering how you are doing. I’ve never taken Cipro, & forget what my IV antibiotic is. Right now, I’m taking cephalixin in a liquid form ( Nasty tasting stuff, but, Sure beats the IV). Most antibiotics are in big tablets, &...
  12. Catalien45

    Knee Infection* Question about dizziness

    @ Hawk2go, your grits sound yummy. I also love the extra sharp cheese, especially aged. Are you familiar with Tallegio cheese? It’s An Italian cheese that our son introduced us to....has a very “funky”, pungent taste. I don’t care for it cold.... but, put a little into eggs, or a grilled cheese...
  13. Catalien45

    TKR Sharon’s second knee recovery!

    Just now reading your past few posts, and so sorry you’ve had Covid. But glad to see you are getting better. I’m not surprised that it has set you back some. Your body most likely needs that extra rest - don’t fight it. That’s one of the biggest lessons I learned from my infection & cleanout...
  14. Catalien45

    TKR DogTiredKnees Recovery Thread

    I’m so very sorry you are having a rough time! I had trouble with Tramadol,& couldn’t tolerate the opioids. I did hold off for a long time getting the anti nausea medication, but once I finally got it, it helped. My appetite was still “off”, & I lost 10 pounds or so, ( and, as my PT pointed...
  15. Catalien45

    TKR Kate97497’s post op

    Wow, Hawkie.... a flood in your kitchen, and during the holidays. Yikes! I’m glad you got it resolved. Our microwave went out shortly before my surgery, & then the stove! Actually, we considered ourselves lucky, in that we were able to replace both pretty easily ( we have a Lowe’s about 5...
  16. Catalien45

    TKR Rubyroo TKR #2

    And I love the photo of your 3 amigos! Your kitty looks a lot like our kitty Felicity. She has spots on her tummy & some on the rest of her coat, & looks tabby. She’s very spoiled, but incredibly sweet. She loves having the 3 of us together, & lately Very interested in the TV when we watch...
  17. Catalien45

    Knee Infection* Question about dizziness

    Sitting here on the couch enjoying all these posts. @ Eire1.... yes, our little Avi has quite a sense of humor, although I think he was dead serious about the glue gun. Both his parents are creative in their own way. They both have jobs in the computer field, but our son in law loves to...
  18. Catalien45

    TKR Rubyroo TKR #2

    I agree with Patricia! And I understand what you are saying.... my husband is, and has been, doing so much, that I try not to let things bother me that would, before my surgeries. I think men just look at much of the regular housework differently than we do. I’m able to do more & more, as...
  19. Catalien45

    TKR Susie-Q's 2nd TRK Recovery Thread

    Oops! I dozed off & must have hit the send button. I don’t know much about Kennell cough, but hoping your vet can relieve your dog, & that you can also get some relief! I’m keeping all of your family in my prayers. Do take care of yourself.❤️
  20. Catalien45

    TKR Susie-Q's 2nd TRK Recovery Thread

    Yes- it’s good to hear you are “ negative” ! I hope your daughter is feeling better soon. Sinus infections can be So mean! I just realized I did not finish this! Yesterday was busy, and, a little crazy. After we returned from my Appointment with the surgeon,my husband did some grocery...


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