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  1. tygerlylli

    Right hip O/A

    Hey, I have been posting on the TKR board because, I have had a RTK & LTK replacement within a year. I thought I was done with replacing anything else but, now I find out my right hip is arthritic. I had an hip injection shot on 07/31/12. It didn't even last 24 hours until, I had that old...
  2. tygerlylli

    TKR Left knee done

    Hey gang, I had my left knee replaced on 05/21/12. I had a better go of the left than I did the right knee. I still had a few problems with the left but, the right is doing pretty good. I still have to watch out for dislocation of the right knee from here on out. I have since then found...
  3. tygerlylli

    10-24-11 Surgery Day :-)!

    It is finally here! I can't believe it! I can't wait to wake up to a new knee and a straight leg:yes 4:. I will post to the board when I get back home to let you know how surgery turned out.:thumb: I welcome all well wishes and prayers I know God will be watching over me and everything will be...
  4. tygerlylli


    The pre-op nurse swab my nose with gaint Q-tips:hate-shocked: for MRSA. I found out today that I have a light growth of MRSA in my nose. My OS surgeon put me on Bactroban 2% Ointment twice a day for 5 days and to shower in Hibiclens until day of surgery. I hope and pray everything will be...
  5. tygerlylli

    Pre-op Appointment tomorrow?

    I have read about different people's experience with Anesthesia and pain control from BoneSmart. I am still not sure which one I want. I do really well with general anesthesia and I don't have a groggy effect afterwards. I wake up very easy from past experiences. I had an epidural back in...
  6. tygerlylli

    Metal Allergy Testing

    I have a problem with metal jewelry i.e. nickel free, sterling silver etc... They make my ears hurt when wearing earrings or any kind of jewelry. When the metal meets my skin it just turns color like black or something.:scratch: I have to wear Titanium eye frames because if I used other...
  7. tygerlylli

    Re: Polyethylene spacers in TKR and body weight?

    Hi All, I'm so glad I have found this Forum. I have been searching for an answer to the following questions for months. I need both of my knees replaced like now:tantrum2:. I am an obese female at 5'9" and currently 366.2 lbs but, I started at 420 lbs. My doctor wanted me to have weight loss...


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