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  1. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    yes, we live in a strange world.... I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon this morning and everything is great.. The next follow up is scheduled in 12 months. All the precautions are lifted, his only suggestion is not to run as pounding is hard on the joints. Hope you are all taking...
  2. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Hi Layla. Thanks for reminding me about my anniversaries. It's hard to believe the surgeries were that long ago :) I am doing fine... pretty much back to normal life. In this madness I am trying to exercise at home as all the gyms are closed. Hope you guys are all good too. Keep safe! xoxoxo
  3. RinTinTin

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    I am doing just fine... thanks for asking. I was too busy with work this past week so I didn't have time to go to the gym. My walking totally improved and you all know how scared I was I will keep limping and duck walking forever. Honestly, the key to improvement is: keep practicing heel to toe...
  4. RinTinTin

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    Hope you feel better today :)
  5. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Yes, so nice to be able to move around without the horrible arthritis pain. It was not that long ago I signed onto this forum desperately seeking some encouragement. Not sure how would my recovery turn if it wasn't for all you wonderful people here. Your advices thought me to take it easy and...
  6. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Hi @Layla It's hard to believe it's been three and six months anniversary... time is really flying! I am pretty much back to normal life... slowly got back into gym routine and slowly getting back clients. You are right about the benefits of the THR. We are all nervous once we are diagnosed...
  7. RinTinTin

    THR April 22 THR

    Welcome @Suzibmy1. You will find many articles here that will ease your anxiousness. We are all the same but @GrannyC nailed it with her comment above. The surgery itself is the easiest part of the whole adventure. You will be amazed how wonderful is NOT to feel the osteoarthritis pain again.
  8. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Thanks for asking @VSlowLife. I am doing pretty good. Walking unassisted for the last 10 days or so. Leg muscles getting stronger. Working out at the gym every second day (biking 5 to 10 km to warmup then using various machines for strengthening upper and lower body muscles). Noting to crazy...
  9. RinTinTin

    THR My Recovery Journey

    Good to hear all went well and you are resting comfortably... Healing vibes coming your way!
  10. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    yes, it feels wonderful! I am still not too confident, I feel as I am still slightly limping but I am working on it! :)
  11. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Thanks everyone for the nice messages :) I am sure there is still a long way to the full recovery (if ever) but I'll do my best not to do anything stupid and jeopardize all the progress. ' Yeah... I think I am ready to work again :) ... I can't wait!
  12. RinTinTin

    THR Surgery date 6th jan

    Congrats @Argee! Keep it slow and easy.
  13. RinTinTin

    THR Scorow's Recovery Thread

    yes, take it slow... let your body heal first. So happy to hear you are doing well!
  14. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Thank you @Mojo333 and @Layla. Things are good with me. I've been going to the gym for the last two weeks every second day. Biking 10 km on stationary bike to warm up then using machines to strengthen leg muscles and working on upper body. Finishing with 15 min sweating in the sauna. So far, I...
  15. RinTinTin

    THR Scorow's Recovery Thread

    You are almost there!
  16. RinTinTin

    THR Jobaby's Recovery Thread

    Hi there @Jobaby. Welcome to the site and congrats on your new hip. Not to discourage you but keep in mind you are only 5 days after a major surgery and all pains and aches you are experiencing here are normal and part of the recovery process. Please do not force any activities - all you need...
  17. RinTinTin

    THR Connie.m's recovery (anterior/robotic)

    Welcome to the recovery side @connie.m Happy to hear you are recovering exceptionally well!
  18. RinTinTin

    THR When will I be able to walk unaided?

    So true! @Sheffield1966 as some already mentioned here... slow and steady wins the race! Please remember what has been done to your body… you were sliced open, bone was cut, some things were pounded, screwed, glued, muscles and skin were bruised too… you were physically manhandled while you were...
  19. RinTinTin

    THR RinTinTin Recovery Thread

    Thank you @Layla. Since I was cleared to go to the gym I am online looking for the gyms in my neighbourhood. I am certainly not going back to my crossfit gym. Over the last couple of years I gained weight and surely lost muscles because of the inactivity, so time for me to go back and work on...
  20. RinTinTin

    THR VSlowLife's Recovery Thread

    Hang in there... it's difficult at the moment but all temporary... :fingersx:


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