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    THR Hippynola's Recovery Diary

    Yes I have been using ice and elevation, thanks to reading about it on these pages and it seems to be working well, many thanks.
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    THR Hippynola's Recovery Diary

    That’s very reassuring, thanks. It’s beginning to feel a bit better.Getting more used to sleeping on my back.
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    THR Hippynola's Recovery Diary

    can anyone in the UK tell me what combination of pain relief works for them? I’m on codeine phosphate but don’t want to take many for fear of addiction. Otherwise I’m having paracetamol and ibuprofen.TIA.
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    THR Hippynola's Recovery Diary

    Thanks for your encouragement and advice.I was supposed to have spinal with sedation but my BP dropped so they stopped the sedation. No problem as I couldn’t feel a thing. At one point the anaesthetist asked me if I realised my leg was held right up in the air! main problem at the moment is that...
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    THR Hippynola's Recovery Diary

    One week since surgery. I’m taking short walks and managing the stairs well. The operated area is bruised and uncomfortable but my main problem is that my knee, which was replaced 10 years ago, is swollen and painful and I’m having difficulty lifting the leg even to slip into my shoes.
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    THR Hippynola's Recovery Diary

    I was very lucky that my surgery went ahead, four of the six Ops booked for my day were cancelled so only two were done that morning including mine! I am on day four of recovery now, pain is much lower than before surgery and I’m getting around okay on crutches. I’m finding the worst part to be...
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    THR Has anybody in the UK had success with having a riser recliner chair post op?

    One of my biggest worries was about sleeping on my back, but I found that after surgery I just drifted in and out of sleep and that sort of got me used to it. Now at day four post op I’m much more used to it although I wake up fairly often but manage to drift off again. Can’t wait to cuddle up...
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    THR Hippynola's Recovery Diary

    Hello, we’ll here I am in 1st day of recovery. theTHR went well and I’ve been walking using a high rolloator sort of thing And then crutches. two other problems though, firstly bad heartburn through the night, secondly bladder pain and incontinece. So didn’t sleep with those problems and not...
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    THR Awaiting thr

    hello, thank you very much from the UK for the lovely welcome. I had a knee replacement in 2011 and my first hip replacement in 2017, have been waiting for the second Hip to be done ever since. It’s been a long haul due to the pandemic and restrictions on elective surgery. Unfortunately, the...
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    THR Awaiting thr

    Hi, just found this group online, looks just what I need to help me through the coming weeks. My op is due on 23rd June. I live in England. Pleased to meet you all.


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