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  1. Larryr

    Ankle Trying to learn more about TAR

    I did research for over a year to medical web sites , including Bonesmart, and came to my decision based on finding a local surgeon in Tampa General who had worked with Wright Medical and the Prophecy procedure utilized in the Infinity device. Dr Sanders is also the head orthopedic surgeon at...
  2. Larryr

    Ankle Facing total ankle replacement and scared

    Hey Chanie, Glad to hear you are doing well. Some swelling is to be expected. I apply ice even when I do too much work or activities. I had a second ankle surgery five months ago to remove some scar tissue and a bone spur that was causing some pretty bad pain after my TAR from September 2019...
  3. Larryr

    Ankle CT for second TAR - it is worth the inconvenience

    Very interesting story to read. I also went with the Wright Infinity two years ago but needed a second surgery four months ago to clean up scar tissue and other adjustments to reduce my pain. So far so good, but I am older than you and am not walking as far yet. Currently doing two miles every...
  4. Larryr

    Ankle NickB in recovery

    Hi Nick, Looks like we both had to undergo a second ankle procedure to reduce pain if I understood your posts correctly. I too have experienced reduced pain that you can read about in my posts. I wish you the best of luck and a pain free future.
  5. Larryr

    Ankle Trying to learn more about TAR

    Hi Monti, Great advice from fellow forum members. Before my TAR; also an Infinity device, I had two Stem cell injections, both totally failed. So don’t go down that expensive path. It cost me $14,000. Being in the DC area, you might want to research John Hopkins in Baltimore. I used to live in...
  6. Larryr

    Ankle My TAR adventure

    Hi Noki, I read your posts today and it appears you are on schedule in your recovery. Don’t rush your rehab as I did because I will never know for sure if it caused me to undergo my second ankle surgery. No pain no gain is not the way to recover from a TAR; just go about it smartly. I too...
  7. Larryr

    Ankle Ankle fusion?

    I am curious why your doctor has not discussed another option; Total Ankle Replacement. At least a TAR provides flexibility that a fusion will not. When I researched my decision I found that fusion can sometimes add additional stress to the knee or hip joints over time. Fusion can also force a...
  8. Larryr

    Ankle Two failed TAR

    Hi Ramone, I had a second TAR related surgery May20 of this year. My initial TAR was Sep 19, 2019. It never reached a pain free level and some days got so bad I had to use a cane to take some weigh off my right ankle. After complaining to my surgeon for over a year he went back in and following...
  9. Larryr

    Ankle My total ankle replacement story

    Update: August 29,2021. I have been negligent in updating my journey regarding my TAR. Due to no improvement in my ankle my surgeon and I decided to go back in and see why my ankle pain is not improving. On May19, 2021, 20 months after my TAR I endured another ankle surgery. Following this...
  10. Larryr

    Ankle My total ankle replacement story

    Very little to no pain while biking. My pain varies from day to day but when I have a good day and the pain is nearly gone I start feeling that I am finally getting over the pain, but then the next step it can go from almost no pain to where I have to stop for a moment before walking again...
  11. Larryr

    Ankle My total ankle replacement story

    Well it’s almost 18 months post TAR, and I still experience pain in my ankle every day. Some days I can walk almost two miles but not without experiencing pain from mild to about a 5 level and other days my ankle is very painful. I had a Ct scan and saw my surgeon in Dec and he simply said...
  12. Larryr

    Ankle TAR UPDATE

    PT was a big help to me as well. I used several therapists that had PHDs and they worked very hard at helping me gain flexibility. I actually went through two session, one at two months post TAR and again at four months. I still do many of the exercises at home to this day.
  13. Larryr

    Ankle TAR UPDATE

    Hi Laura, I have not viewed this forum for a while, but it sounds like you are experiencing the usual after effects of a TAR. I am almost 15 months post TAR and also had the Infinity device. I experienced the nerve pain and numbness along the top of my foot for nearly nine months before I...
  14. Larryr

    Ankle Need TAR - scared!

    hi Doris, Don’t over worry about TAR surgery. It’s not as uncommon as years ago. The technology has improved immensely over the past 15 years. I had the Infinity device 13 months ago and you can follow my journey on this forum. no question that it was the right decision for me. I am back to...
  15. Larryr

    Ankle TAR doing it alone

    The nerve pain, mostly in my toes , and a little on the side of my foot went on for about nine months and only got better when I started to take Gabapentin. That was my fault because I resisted taking it earlier, so you are doing the right thing. I will be interested in how much 300 mg affects...
  16. Larryr

    Ankle TAR doing it alone

    Way to go Cassie, your report sounds very familiar to me. I did exactly what you describe, knee scooter, cast cover , etc. one difference maybe, before I left the hospital I was put into a hard cast; two weeks later it was removed, then X-ray and put back into another hard cast without removing...
  17. Larryr

    Ankle My total ankle replacement story

    12 month post TAR report: wow! 12 months now, but I truly can’t say that time flies by, since I remember each week and month during my recovery. I am seeing progress, however slow it seems. Still experience stiffness when walking around and some pain, although the pain seems to move around in...
  18. Larryr

    Ankle TAR nerve pain

    .I had a TAR in Sep 2019 and have experienced nerve pain in my toes. Most other areas have gone away, but not the toes. My doctor prescribed Gabapentin, 300mg, but that was too much so I am now taking 100 mg, but not every night, only when my toes start burning. it works for me. Good luck..
  19. Larryr

    Ankle Ankle Fusion or Replacement... Either way, I'm not looking forward to what comes next...

    Hi, I am now 12 months post TAR and am glad I made the choice of TAR vs fusion. My surgeon does both but when he told me i ' would have a permanent limp I chose TAR. It has not been easy and I still have slight pain when I walk, which I am doing a mile and a half. I have total flexibility in...
  20. Larryr

    Ankle TAR doing it alone

    Hi Cassie, Good luck with your upcoming TAR. The equipment you mentioned is very good, especially the knee scooter. I bought mine on Amazon. Two more items to consider is a cast cover that comes all the way up to your thigh and an extension to your shower hose. I got one that was 8 feet long in...


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