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    Thigh and shin pain

    Hi everyone, Sorry to be so pokey in posting again. Jo was 100 % right on with her assessment of my shin and thigh pain....when I asked my surgeon about it he said the thigh pain was most probably due to the tourniquet and the lower shin pain due to the blood draining down the shin muscle. He...
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    Thigh and shin pain

    Hi everyone! Am happy to report that the thigh and shin pain is gone..I will talk to my os next Wednesday about it all in hopes he can shed some light on it so I maybe won't have to go through that again when I have the right knee done. Want to share that I am at zero extension and 125...
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    Thigh and shin pain

    Hi Jamie, thanks. I was taking the Percocet the first two weeks post op. The Rx said take 1 - 2 every 4 hours. It was 5mg per tab. I took 2. The pain was awful during that time and at 3 and a half hour.s I was at an 8 - 9 pain... then would take 45 minutes to kick in....UGH!!! I tried hard to...
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    Thigh and shin pain

    Wow!! Thank you all for responding and for CARING!! Roy, I do plan to ask my os about this when I see him in 3 weeks. My first post op visit was with his nurse and she did not have any thoughts on it. Natalie, I sure hope you find answers to your pain..I will keep you in prayer...
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    Thigh and shin pain

    Hey, First want to thank everyone for all the great info and support. Had LTKR on Jan 25, 2012. The worst pain I have had is deep to the femur bone where the tourniquet (I assume) was placed. ....feels like an awful bone bruise...still sore but not nearly as bad as the first 3 weeks. Also...


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