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  1. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR 2 TKRs in 2020, problems with 1"+ heels.

    I had Bilateral TKR almost 7 months ago. I found that my center of gravity had changed. I felt uncomfortable and a little unbalanced with my old shoes or anything with a heel. Due to my now straight legs, the biggest surprise was my body’s re-alignment. As part of my re-alignment, the...
  2. Taoquest

    TKR Muscle spasm?

    @Ghostpipe is right. I had Bilateral TKR 6 months ago, and had wondered if I was ever going to stop going up and down stairs like a toddler. Well, this week it just happened without effort. I felt that I had finally achieved my last big challenge. My recovery taught me that the Knee Gods are in...
  3. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    6 Months Out of Bilateral TKR @Ghostpipe said This recovery really does take a year, but I found that things start to speed up from five months, and at six my strength really started to flood back. This also happened to me. As I stated last week, my dreaded Energy Drain is mostly gone now, and...
  4. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    Almost 6 months out and my constant general fatigue is gone! And I am now doing volunteer work and I am so glad that I am now feeling almost “normal“. Still no knee pain and that’s a nice surprise. I have learned to cope with my back spasms by consciously not twisting and using my arm muscles...
  5. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Indigo_bunting’s BTKR recovery

    Yes, @ski_bum and I had surgery on the same day. it’s interesting how our knees have their own agendas – I’ve always called it a “mystery.” I think you’re doing great. Good luck at Physical Therapy but don’t let them push you into pain. More swelling is not good. I also used hiking sticks in my...
  6. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral knee surgery 3+weeks out

    @Recvknee - Welcome to Bonesmart- lots of support and knowledge here. I don’t know how I could have coped without this site. Please read the journeys of other Bilaterals in the list that Jockette gave you. For me, the first two-three weeks were the toughest. Take all meds as prescribed, and...
  7. Taoquest

    Bi-lateral Knee replacement v Single knee

    There are quite a few of us here. If you go up to the white area above, press SEARCH FORUMS. Then type in KEYWORDS “Bilateral TKR”. Lots of stories and advice. Personally, I am so glad I did this. A little more involved, but only one recovery. I am now over 5 months post surgery, and doing well...
  8. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    @BBCG has written about magnesium gel. I found it on Amazon: Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion Ultra with MSM Pure Genuine Zechstein Magnesium Lotion Supplement for Topical Application (5 oz)
  9. Taoquest

    TKR Back with the other one!

    @SDkate, I can relate regarding scars. At my age, I have quite a few, and not just the two knees. They are like a roadmap to my life, with each telling a story. I can see myself one day saying “That ain’t nothing! Look at this one - it happened when…..”
  10. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Indigo_bunting’s BTKR recovery

    What the…? 10 days out and they’re having you do squats? Only pain and swelling can come from that. When I quit PT, my swelling went down and my ROM increased, all on its own. You can’t bend a swollen knee! For me, daily activities and walking heel to toe was enough, until I was ready to...
  11. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    Yeah, in the hot tub I get into all kinds of weird positions - the jets on my upper right hip, then each knee, and finally the bottom of each foot to mellow me out. I get some weird looks, but I smile and say it’s therapy. Luckily I’m usually the only one there. In the pool, I’ve noticed no...
  12. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Indigo_bunting’s BTKR recovery

    Sounds like you’re making great progress, @Indigo_Bunting! I remember when I took my first shower after BTKR, it was slow, awkward, but so worth it. Made me feel human again.
  13. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Bilateral Knee Replacement-Ups and Downs

    5 Months Out of Bilateral TKR Progress continues slow but steady. My stiffness is mostly gone, and my gait is leveling out. I am still in the pool everyday for an hour, walking and some swimming with my short fins. Maintaining heel to toe gait and balance in the water was a little challenging...
  14. Taoquest

    christopher_car Bilateral Pre Op Journey

    Before my surgery I swear I needed a whiteboard to keep everything straight! For me, some things (primary care exam, some bloodwork, any referrals to a specialist for the OK), could only be done less than 30 days before the procedure. There should be a point person at the OS office you could...
  15. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Indigo_bunting’s BTKR recovery

    At first, I also found the Lounge Doctor uncomfortable. I am pretty short, so I had ordered the small. I had my head propped up by a fluffy pillow, and then made sure that the edge of the LD was up against my butt, with my ankles over the edge. My calves were perfectly aligned with the dip. I...
  16. Taoquest

    TKR Still lagging in recovery

    @Lovebugs, I had little luck with pills, and my visiting nurse told me to drink prune juice. Worked like a charm.
  17. Taoquest

    TKR Muscle spasm?

    @BEWITCHED Charm, the greatest gift my British mother gave me was her unflappable sense of humor. And I too have said that I am my Mother’s Daughter. It has helped me cope through a lot of what life throws at you. I love reading your posts.
  18. Taoquest

    Bilateral TKR Indigo_bunting’s BTKR recovery

    Yes! I also found that upper body strength is important, especially in bilateral TKRs where you don’t have a “good leg” to stand on. I administered those daily injections (Lovenox ) for a month before bed. Just pinch some flab and don’t move the needle around, and as @Sara61 said, alternate...
  19. Taoquest

    TKR Preparation for TKR

    For PT with Range of Motion (heel slides), I used a small skateboard I found at the local thrift store. It was great.


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