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  1. Magsmom

    THR I'm on the other side!!

    I found waiting to get back to work was helpful. I’m retired now so don’t have a fixed schedule after getting my knee and both hips done. But in late 2017 I had a spinal decompression/fusion. Not fun. I told my boss I’d be out 4-5 weeks then had to telll him I needed another 2+ weeks. Kind of a...
  2. Magsmom

    THR On the Other Side

    I’ve watched videos of both knee and hip replacement surgeries on YouTube- the real thing, not some cartoon or diagram. My family thinks I’m crazy but I want to be an “informed consumer” and am fascinated by how they’re done. Not for the faint of heart but very educational. But after watching...
  3. Magsmom

    THR Please tell me it's normal!!

    One from Sharper Image for $70. Works as well as the high end ones. It has helped calm down my quad area (and feet too). Highly recommend!
  4. Magsmom

    THR Please tell me it's normal!!

    I’m 3 weeks out from 2nd THR and fully in tune with the anxiety the recovery brings. We all want to benchmark ourselves against others and while sharing experiences is a great way to help us understand that almost all of what we face is “normal”, there’s always a small voice in my head saying...
  5. Magsmom

    THR Diary of my journey to happy times

    @Klassy I just had my second hip done 3 weeks ago ….and like you, had some similar things happen and some not so similar. My leg down to my knee was swollen both times. Both surgeries had dissolving stitches - though with this recent one, the incision is more “puckered”, a little inflamed and...
  6. Magsmom

    THR I'm on the other side!!

    @newguy I can walk faster than I can run - even before 2 new hips, a knee and a plate w screws my neck. I was/am an avid CrossFit person. 4-5 times a week. Started at 48 and was in the best shape of my life in my 50s. I intend to go back to it - at a modified version. The great misconception...
  7. Magsmom

    THR Magsmom’s recovery thread

    Btw yes, I am buying the table and like it a lot. I’ve lived in a NYC apt my entire adult life but moved out of the city last year. Feels strange to furnish an entire (one floor!) house. But it’s great to have for just walking - it’s been sooooo cold here.
  8. Magsmom

    THR Magsmom’s recovery thread

    Yes today is a day to dial everything back. Rest, ice, elevate. I made a very poor choice yesterday evening and went out to look at a table for this new house we recently moved into. After already being out a good chunk of the afternoon. (I did not drive!) you’d think I know better by now. But...
  9. Magsmom

    THR Magsmom’s recovery thread

    Monday the 17th will be 3 weeks for my right and 18 weeks for my left. Very slow progress on the right side. It has been much tougher to get control of the pain. I’ve been sleeping in a recliner -the back sleeping thing in a real bed is difficult. Even my “good” side (hip #1) is still hard to...
  10. Magsmom

    THR December 6, 2021 Life changed

    Great job - you are a bad-***!!
  11. Magsmom

    THR Magsmom’s recovery thread

    Thanks Jaycee. I am really trying to listen to what I tell others! So far I’ve been pretty good in NOT overdoing it esp as this one is more painful. My husband told me I’ve been much more disciplined about it too and I can tell as he’s not snapping at me nearly as much to “let me get that for...
  12. Magsmom

    THR Magsmom’s recovery thread

    After doing my left hip in September, I had my right one done just last week - Dec 27. I’m getting a little tired of the bionic woman jokes :) (I also have a left TKR and a plate/screws in my cervical spine. This right hip has been soo much more challenging than the left. And that caught me off...
  13. Magsmom

    THR My new hip - operation date 7th September 21

    @Coddfish You’re experience is almost identical to mine. Posterior, no bending more than 90, back sleep only for first 4-5 weeks. My surgery was 9 weeks ago yesterday. Mine has gone well - I was very active, athletic etc going into this and yes, I also think it helped. I get random aches in...
  14. Magsmom

    THR Second hip recovery different from the first

    My LHR was done in NYC at a specialty orthopedic hospital. Even w the wrist bracelet I was asked numerous times by various different people “what are we doing today” My surgeon came into preop and asked the same thing……and initialed my left hip. When someone has a bilateral hip or knee...
  15. Magsmom

    THR October

    You don’t have to. One of the moderators will respond soon and will add you to the October group. They will also provide a number of good articles and things to read RE recovering from THR. Each person has a “thread” where they can ask questions and get information re hip surgery and recovery...
  16. Magsmom

    THR Aug. 17th for second THR

    Wow. I’m no doctor but I do know the RF makes up a significant portion of your quad and I think, is the only part of the quad grp that crosses the hip and runs down your thigh to attach to your patellar tendon. That it ruptured during surgery is shocking. I would ask for the OR report for your...
  17. Magsmom

    THR Terrible muscle pains

    I think the people who say they were up and running in 2 days are b-essing. Some just feel the need to appear superhuman. I was like that for a while and realized I had to surrender and let the process be the process. We all recover differently and on diff time schedules. While it’s helpful to...
  18. Magsmom

    THR 3 weeks post op and I have regrets

    Ohhhh I empathize with this @Scared one …… I’ve had a number of orthopedic surgeries in last 2+ years…..all successful so far but I felt horrible, frustrated, panicky etc after each of them. I’ve had a cervical fusion in my neck that now has a titanium plate & 6 screws in there. I had a rotator...
  19. Magsmom

    THR And now on the healing side...

    Corona GT 3040 Clipper GT3040 Extendable Handle Weeder I have the same issue with weeding. Every time I walk by the garden I see more of them! My friend suggested a long handle weeder. I didn’t know they even existed or if they’re effective. But I’m going to try - probably get from Home Depot...
  20. Magsmom

    THR still sore after 6 weeks.

    FYI I just learned I’m scheduled for December 27. New Year, New Hips! Yes I’m in the US and am using insurance. But since I retired early I was only able to keep coverage through my company for 18 mos. That’s long over. Now, I have to purchase an individual policy and it’s ridiculously $$. But...


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