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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Thanks everyone for the retirement congrats. My mind is full of ideas, tasks I've been putting off, and just fun things I want to do. I'm also looking forward to not getting out in the frigid weather early mornings as I drive to work. I can stay warm and cozy for the first winter in many, many yrs.
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Decision made, I officially retired today. Yahoo!
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    TKR TKR Scaredycat10's recovery

    I can't say with confidence that zingers are healing anything. I've never noticed improvement after a series of zingers.
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    @Susie-Q , I appreciate the support and yes this group of people are terrific huh? I'm tired of venting though.....what is the opposite of venting? I'd like to post that next week!
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Saw ortho's PA yesterday for my 6 wk checkup. She x-rayed new tkr and showed me all was good and explained how it differed because of infection damage and hardware replacement. She was impressed with my ROM and flexion. She released me from PT but I asked for a couple of additional meetings...
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    Knee Infection* noisy knee

    @Crowwood , my spacer was noisy too. The noise makes you think it's going to fail but it won't. It seemed to come and go and got better with time. I was told not to do strengthening exercises with the spacer in place, just gentle stretching, ankle pumps and rolls. Your goal is to heal, that's...
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    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    You know looking at those pictures we have to wonder how we ever become pain free. It's just amazing that is inside our knees. I'm doing well, this is my 6th week post replacement and I'm healing well. I'm almost off the cane, doing alot more around the house and blood tests show I'm infection...
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    TKR Sharon’s second knee recovery!

    This is what I've been working on today. I picked up my watercolors when recovering from my first tkr. I mostly make cards for holidays but with so much down with this revision I'm doing more. This elephant was taken from a pinterest post, not an original. Arts, crafts has always been my...
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    Revision TKR Lovetocookandsew’s long road to recovery

    @lovetocookandsew , I'm confused as to what type of revision you had. If hardware was removed, was it replaced? My hardware removal included a spacer in place of the hardware which I had for 8 wks while on antibiotics. Was your need for revision due to infection or something else? It sounds as...
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    TKR My September 8, 2021 RTKR

    @CamGram , I went home same day with two of my replacements, much prefer it to staying in hospital. Since you've had a replacement you know what to expect, how to ice and elevate and most importantly medicate. You'll be fine, hubby may have to do a little more in the early days but hopefully...
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Thanks @hawk2go , I will watch it carefully today. This is not my first replacement but I forget how I treated overdoing activities. I remember resting, just not to what extent. I see my OS for my 6 wk x-rays Thurs, I'm looking forward to that report.
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Member of the famous ODIC this morning. In the last few days I've removed the riser from toilet, doubled my time with floor peddling, added length to my walk, given up cane inside house and added extra exercises. Knee did well with all these extras but I'm paying the price this morning...
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    Knee Infection* Third time's the charm, I hope

    @maryo52, good info. I'm praying for success....for both of us!
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    Knee Infection* Third time's the charm, I hope

    I tried for that revision, my surgeon said no way. Interesting huh? Good luck to you and your recovery.
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    Knee Infection* noisy knee

    @Crowwood , you and I have dealt with the same issues..... I'm hoping we're both on the other side soon. Keep us updated and ask for help or support.
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    Knee Infection* Third time's the charm, I hope

    Happy to hear you're doing so well. I'm off all antibiotics, my blood work is where it should be, thankfully. I will live in fear of the infection returning for the foreseeable future.
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    TKR Left Knee Replacement

    I so get this post. My biggest challenge is getting up from low toilets. I'm 5'8" and with bad knees, well you know. Newest replacement is getting stronger but only slightly. My main exercises are targeted at strengthening quads. I'll still have riser at home, I could give it up but pain is bad...
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    Cool, thanks for the info.
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    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    I can't find the bio oil info I've seen discussed here. What does it do? I'm looking to make my newest scar look better. After being opened and healed three times my left knee just isn't as nice looking as after the first one.
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    TKR MoragsMum's Recovery

    Well aren't you a lucky bonesmartie! I too have a PT that let's me lead the way with suggestions from her. I'm not sure if that's because I set perimeters on the first visit or it's because my numbers are good.


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