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  1. Rain Dancer

    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    I had peeling skin on my lower leg but not the knee. It resolved in a couple of months. Yes, this journey is weird!
  2. Rain Dancer

    TKR Flutter1’s BoneSmart Success

    What a great report! So happy that you are doing well. Thank you for sharing and providing a glimpse of what may be possible for those of us who are less along in our recovery.
  3. Rain Dancer

    TKR Going home

    I had no problems with going home the same day. I live alone and arranged for a home health aid for several days. A family member or friend could have performed the same functions, but they were working or lived away. I needed help with food, getting water and ice, and taking care of my cat.
  4. Rain Dancer

    TKR Same day surgery release for 83 year old

    The local senior services centers receive funding from the federal government and are your best resource at this point. For example, the local Pennsylvania senior services centers specifically provide Medicare counselors. Please send me a private message and I can help you locate the local...
  5. Rain Dancer

    TKR Same day surgery release for 83 year old

    Have you read the materials at medicare.gov? It explains advantage plans and provides links to determine what is available in every state. Fyi, my mother is low income in PA and has an advantage plan. The state pays for Medicare Part B costs. If agencies do not respond, you may have to look at...
  6. Rain Dancer

    Knee Infection* Knee #2 Vent

    If you can afford to retire, I highly recommend doing so to give yourself time to heal. I retired early at 58 from a very stressful career and felt guilty at first, but that guilty feeling soon left. I cannot imagine having to work after my TKR, and I haven’t had your complications. Stress slows...
  7. Rain Dancer

    TKR LTKR recovery going smoothly

    Wow, great report! I am glad that things are going well for you.
  8. Rain Dancer

    TKR Gingerbread's RTKR Recovery Marathon

    I have never had a flu shot because I have histamine intolerance and have an allergic reaction to many things, including medications. My inflammation levels are extremely high. I took a chance with the Pfizer vaccine in March after extensive research and had minimal side effects after both...
  9. Rain Dancer

    TKR TKR Right Recovery and losing my right mind

    Wow, sorry to hear about the bad results from your bath. I have applied heat to my knee with okay results but have no bathtub to try soaking. So many factors could have caused this in addition to just the moist heat—the length of time, the position of the leg while soaking, or the contortions to...
  10. Rain Dancer

    TKR “MUA No Later than 12 Weeks“

    Four Month Update I am doing really well and still haven’t gotten an MUA. The pain is minimal, I take no medication, and in the last week I have stopped icing. Extension is zero. I don’t know what flexion is because we stopped measuring a month ago, at my request. It continues to improve at its...
  11. Rain Dancer

    TKR Lily's 12 month update

    I qualified for a partial because only the middle compartment was bone-on-bone; however, based on what I read in this forum and elsewhere, I elected to have a TKR. My insurance company had no issue with me having a TKR with only one bad compartment, and I did not have to wait.
  12. Rain Dancer

    Knee Infection* Infection after 5 weeks

    So sorry that your are in this horrible situation. Sending you healing thoughts from across the pond. Glad that you are getting good care.
  13. Rain Dancer

    TKR Jaspa's Recovery Thread

    Congratulations on being on the road to recovery! I hope that things go well for you.
  14. Rain Dancer

    TKR Post op LTKR pain, instability, dislocation?

    I am 12 weeks out and can sleep on my side only for about an hour. I have the same sensation as you. I hope that you find relief soon.
  15. Rain Dancer

    TKR My TKR Journey

    Another member of the tortoise club here! I finally reached 90 degrees of flexion Friday. I am not as flexible as @Gingerbread, but before my knee finally gave out, I could touch my toes, and naturally hyperextended both knees while walking. So, this slow recovery is trying, and it feels really...
  16. Rain Dancer

    Knee Infection* My L T K R Diary 2020

    So sorry that you are going through this. I am echoing everyone’s positive thoughts for you.
  17. Rain Dancer

    TKR “MUA No Later than 12 Weeks“

    Five more degrees of flexion today at PT! I am now at 89. But what is more important than a number is that functionality continues to improve. It is easier to get in and of my car, I can sit in a chair with my feet on the floor for longer periods of time, I can walk in my very uneven yard with a...
  18. Rain Dancer

    TKR September surgery done!

    Welcome! I hope that your recovery goes well.
  19. Rain Dancer

    TKR TKR Right Recovery and losing my right mind

    Glad to hear that you are doing well!
  20. Rain Dancer

    TKR Signed for second TKR

    Best wishes for a smooth recovery!


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