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  1. crowie53

    TKR crowie53 right TKR recovery

    I had my surgery this morning at 9 am, I was worried it wouldn’t go ahead as they were awaiting my COVID test result, also I had a small scratch on lower leg. Spinal anaesthesia, but heavy sedation! I was completely zonked, never heard a thing as I was really anxious. Was really pain free for...
  2. crowie53

    TKR Surgery cancelled today!

    Just my luck Friday the 13th! Yesterday afternoon I suddenly developed a sore throat and croaky voice, and headache. Rang pre admission to ask for advice, and they said provided I did‘t have a cough, fever or runny nose I should still keep my appointment. The anaesthetist and consultant both...
  3. crowie53

    TKR Advice on tens machine

    I haven’t used a tens machine before but I have read the article on here for alternative pain management. I have looked on Amazon but there are so many to choose from, and some have pain relief and muscle stimulator. I would appreciate some advice on choosing a reasonable priced device, which...
  4. crowie53

    TKR Mosquito bite in TKR leg only 6 days to surgery!

    I discovered a bite on my leg last night, cos my leg was itchy. Sprayed it with bite relief spray, and put an elastoplast over it to stop me scratching it through the night. Skin not broken. Going for repeat bloods on Wednesday so will I mention it then or let the pre op team know today. Advice...
  5. crowie53

    TKR TKR medication on discharge

    Hi I wonder if any UK member can give me an idea of what medication you are prescribed on discharge.
  6. crowie53

    TKR Preop flexion contracture

    Hi there, I have only just found this site and registered. I have been given a date for surgery for 13th March. I had been putting off surgery for quite a while because the pain is bearable but walking with a permanent limp is taking its toll!


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