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  1. Jo Wo

    TKR LTKR on June 23

    I am scheduled for first surgery of the day.
  2. Jo Wo

    TKR Now it's time to chill

    I declare my overdue and not really complete spring cleaning frenzy OVER. Surgery Wednesday. Time to rest, continue light exercise, and do fun stuff.
  3. Jo Wo

    TKR starting to feel like its real

    my preop tests just uploaded to my patient portal. everything looks normal to my untrained eye against the reference ranges. I see my gp on thursday so I am pretty sure he will clear me. then it's just a covid swab on Sunday for surgery on wednesday butterflies in my stomach now, gotta stay...
  4. Jo Wo

    TKR where do you do in home pt?

    in your bedroom? living room? upstairs? downstairs? trying to prioritize where to declutter.....
  5. Jo Wo

    TKR good leg feels worse than bad leg this morning....

    too much walking or too many trips up and down stairs yesterday so I used my bad leg as my good leg for half the stairs this morning on my way down. is it possible I will have to do both legs this year? haven't even had xrays of the good leg yet.
  6. Jo Wo

    TKR feeling drained before surgery

    has this happened to anyone else? I am able to do less every week, and I am trying to get my house in order before my 6/23 surgery. I am able to walk less week by week, and my good knee is now adding to the pain. I have about 3 weeks before I need to go off nsaids so I want to have everything...
  7. Jo Wo

    TKR moving along

    saw surgeon today, he agreed it's time. need to hear from his scheduler after they get insurance authorization for me. hopefully she will contact me this week.
  8. Jo Wo

    TKR pathways app

    I began exploring an app called pathways to help me cope with persistent pain. it has a lot of free information on the neuroscience of pain, along with meditations, suggestions, breathing exercises, and challenges to help deal with pain. I have developed a lot of anxiety over every twinge of...
  9. Jo Wo

    TKR a new question

    when they get you up to walk, are you still on an iv? I was thinking of packing a shawl, since with blood loss I might feel cold walking around. is that a good idea?
  10. Jo Wo

    TKR timeline question

    so if my surgeon agrees it's time to move forward on may 11th, what is the normal sequence of events after that? preop testing how quickly is that done....do they get the surgery approval first? primary physician clearance? I have my physical the week after I see the surgeon so I am hoping not...
  11. Jo Wo

    TKR inching forward

    after reviewing stats, reviews and word of mouth recommendations, I made an appointment to see the local os who keeps getting rave reviews. the younger is who has treated me this far is not a replacement surgeon. so I will have my first appointment on may 11. the unloader brace is not giving me...
  12. Jo Wo

    TKR Osteopenia and osteoporosis

    Does either of these conditions impose a greater risk in tkr surgery?
  13. Jo Wo

    TKR Intro

    It has taken me a while to figure out how to post here, but I would like to thank the team for assembling the best information library. I will be 64 in June. I injured my left knee on a hike over 35 years ago and was told it would plague me later in life. I have been overweight for most of my...


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