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  1. Deeship45

    THR Deeship45 Recovery Part 2

    Hi all! I made it throughly the other side! Surgery was 8am on Oct 7th, and I did get the spinal block with sedation. I took the advice from everyone here and told everyone I saw that I did not want to be aware of anything going on during surgery. They were all very nice I didn’t have the...
  2. Deeship45

    THR Here we go again!

    Got the call and I am now booked for my Left THR in 4 days, October 7th. I had my right hip done 2 years ago, and this site was a big help. I am trying to get everything ready and think I’m doing pretty good with that. Have some meals prepared and frozen, have my ice packs in the freezer...
  3. Deeship45

    THR Deeship45 recovery!

    I made it to the other side! The surgery went well, my husband spoke with the surgeon afterwards. He said something about the middle of the femur being so small that he had to do a lot of reaming. Also I went in with a leg length discrepancy already due to limping on the hip for quite a few...
  4. Deeship45

    Surgery coming soon!

    There was a cancellation and I got the call for surgery - Aug 16th! After a year on the list, I am so grateful to have a date . I had pre-admit today so that’s done. Was feeling really stressed so made a list of things I need to get done. I am self employed, so trying to juggle work is pretty...
  5. Deeship45

    RTHR at some point...

    Hello all! I am so thankful for having found this site! I have been “lurking” on and off for almost a year! I was diagnosed with severe osteoarthritis in my right hip last July and put on the waiting list for a THR. The surgeon I was referred to has a waiting list about 12-15 months long. He...


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