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  1. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    This is my first day of post op!!! :) Procedure went well according to my surgeon. It took a bit longer than expected due to the damage and severe scar tissue from my ACL repair that I had 10 years ago. Managed ok thru the night, have been up in a chair this am, some pt......cpm machine...
  2. amab

    LTKR Tomorrow Morning

    Tomorrow is the day!! Saw my surgeon late this afternoon and I am first on his schedule in the morning. Glad the day is finally here so I (we) can get this behind us. It will be an early start of the day but that's fine with me. :). All the info here has been and will continue to be very...
  3. amab

    Left TKR Feb 2013

    Surgery soon; have done a lot of research; attend a joint replacement class at hospital in a few days; any other advice?

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