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  1. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    7 years post LTKR yesterday.....time flies by!! All continues to be fine with the knee other than it getting “cranky” from time to time. So Far So Good.......
  2. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    Just reached 6 years with both knee replacements. All going well. Hips are cranky from time to time but tolerable....
  3. amab

    TKR PCL release post TKR<<

    Just caught up on your thread; you appear to be doing quite well! Had to chuckle at the comments on text speak! When I do text I have to make sure I have my glasses on....I've sent some crazy texts and to the wrong folks.....oops!!!! ;0)... As far as getting back active on a regular basis it...
  4. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    The right hip injection (with fluoroscopy) went well; no issues and quickly done; didn't do a whole lot today; will see how it goes tomorrow with a walk. If torn labrum is involved my surgeon doesn't advocate having it scoped....due to (gasp!!!) age....:heehee:
  5. amab

    TKR Keith’s Recovery<

    Recovery from TKR is more like a marathon than a sprint; you've gotten a lot of good advice from the folks here; a fantastic support group. Be patient and don't over do; TKR is a huge deal!!!
  6. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    Hip injection scheduled for first thing Wednesday am 1/1/2019........
  7. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    X-rays from last Thursday revealed arthritis in the hip; symptoms may point to a torn labrum that's causing the catching/snapping/pain. Taking it easy a couple of weeks from long walking sessions; some home pt exercises with bands and some anti inflammatory meds. Will follow up with ortho just...
  8. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    Well.....go figure! Need to have my right hip checked out this coming Thursday. For the past few months I've been experiencing sharp pains with snapping; painful enough to stop me in my tracks; happens on level surfaces and inclines as well; primarily when walking but sometimes just turning...
  9. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    Just "celebrated" my 5th anniversary for my RTKR! The right one has not given me any issues. My left one has been "quiet" lately so I'm glad at this point I didn't go forward with the scope mentioned in my posts earlier this year. The left is a bit tender today but I've been off and on ladders...
  10. amab

    TKR Slow but steady

    Don't over do and having patience is important in your recovery; it takes some time but it will improve....
  11. amab

    TKR 4 weeks post LTKR-July 3rd

    TKR is a big deal!!! Patience during recovery is so important. Try not to over's easy to over do-been there done that!
  12. amab

    TKR Second knee

    Quick turnaround to return to work in 4 weeks; good that you know the "drill" since you've had a TKR...fortunate my 2nd one was easier than the first; may be that'll be the same for you. Best do luck!
  13. amab

    TKR Tommys comparison to ACL surgery

    Congrats on your progress! I had an acl repair in 2001; then had a TKR on that same knee in 2013; like others may have said, Tkr takes more to recover from... At least it did for me.
  14. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    After additional discussion with the surgeon's staff and covering the questions I had, decided to just sit tight and not do a scope; unless and if until the pain becomes much more frequent than its been, I determined best to leave well enough alone for now. The knee has been just fine the past...
  15. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    Called a my surgeon's office today with a few more questions; should hear back tomorrow. Josephine...appreciate your input!
  16. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    @skigirl .....did your procedure improve your range of motion?
  17. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    The additional information and perspectives provided are greatly appreciated. I still plan to think it over a few days; ironically my surgeon will be out for a short time due to his own surgical needs; so scheduling a scoping will be delayed some if I ( and my wife) decide to proceed.
  18. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    CT scan results were normal; hardware is solid with no signs of loosening also no signs of any infection. Based on symptoms and xray/CT scan results appears scar tissue is the culprit. Trying to decide at the moment to have the knee scoped and have the scar tissue removed. Or just deal with...
  19. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    Had the ct scan early this afternoon; doubt I'll hear anything more today; expect to have an appointment early next week; the knee was fine all day today; not sure what to make of all this....
  20. amab

    TKR So Far So Good

    I had an appointment on Monday; went even though the knee had been fine for 10 days or so; X-rays revealed nothing; medical staff recommended calling them the next time it flared up...which it did late yesterday; fine first thing this am but it became painful by mid day today; called the...

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