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    Surgery refused as knees won't straighten

    Sorry, I need to have this question answered. Isn't the point of knee replacement surgery, or one of the points at least, so that we can once again BEND our knees. I sure hope your mom gets a second opinion, today with a bright mind such as you have described she isn't old, but having your...
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    7 weeks and now have pain and can't stand on leg.

    Hey, Lubbuck, Seven weeks out from surgery is so early. Sounds like maybe you just did too much or maybe you were already having a problem there and something you did yesterday accelerated the whole thing. Good thing you are seeing the doctor tomorrow. Or today. Hope you let us know what he says...
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    6 months on and new pain

    It is no wonder you hurt, just reading your posting made me hurt. Taking care of your daughter and her three children under age six almost surely means there is a husband who came with them, that is five people you have been caring for besides yourself. No wonder you hurt. My best advice is...
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    at 83 ?

    God, I hope I live to be so old, your father-in-law sounds like a wonderful guy. Tell him go for it and God bless. No one no matter what age should live in pain. Rowdy
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    Loss of ROM

    I guess I am an odd person, not the first time I have thought this or the first person I am sure. But, I do not like PT. I went three times after bilateral TKR a year ago today as a matter of fact. I do just as well on my own, even my doctors have to agree with me on this one. I came up with...
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    How long is surgery.......

    You guys are so great. My surgery was about two seconds as well. LOL. Rowdy
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    I'm with Jo, how do you stand the pain at a steady level of 6? I fell a week ago and have banged myself up pretty good and have a pain level of about 6 at times and it is enough to keep me awake and unable to go back to sleep. I hurt my arm pretty good and have to have it re-xrayed tomorrow...
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    Almost 6 weeks and scared!

    Sorry you are frustrated, but keep in mind we all heal at different rates. What I could do after surgery or at six weeks is totally different that what anyone else can or could do. I would listen to Jo about the pain meds. Can understand your apprehension since you are in AA but this is a...
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    Colds and Virus start in TKR?

    First I ever heard of something like this and it hasn't happened to me but then what I haven't heard of is HUGE!!! I would think it is more conincidence than a precursor to illness but like I said what do I know? Good luck Rowdy
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    Your input needed - please!

    I thought the same thing Judles, how can anything be too swollen for an x-ray? I think it is because the swelling is in the joint they think it may be masking a hairline fracture in the elbow. I know that my left arm is stiff and no longer bends the way it did but I think that is because of...
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    Your input needed - please!

    Diane, I certainly sympathize with you. I fell again, this time very hard and landed on concrete. Went to the ER but the x-ray of my elbow was inconclusive as there was too much swelling to make out if I had a fracture in that area. Hand swollen like a puffed up paw, whole left arm in agonizing...
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    Your input needed - please!

    Diane, was checking in this morning to see if you got the pain meds you needed and was soooo glad to see you had gotten some oxy. You sure do deserve it. One thing I noticed in re-reading some of the posts from page 16 forward was that you mentioned taking a lot of Tylenol. I felt I should...
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    Tomorrow's my big day

    Nancy and Stives, Know our prayers and good thoughts will be with all of you tomorrow. Just think, in a few hours you will wake up and begin the journey towards regaining your life. Think of all the things you haven't been able to do or if you did them you did in pain and how in a few short...
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    Do I or don't I?

    Re: Right - here goes Gringo, you, my south of the border friend, are going to be one of those people who are running marathons six months after the surgery. Sense of humor is so important and you are WONDERFUL or maybe it is just sun stroke. LOL. Nah, you have a good sense of humor. My money...
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    Do I or don't I?

    Re: Right - here goes I would definitely ask him his practice when it comes to pain relief and what he prescribes. Frankly I am shocked that so manny of the people who post here are seeing surgeons who are so poorly versed in pain control. Sorry, I know drug addiction is a problem in this...
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    TKR Update

    Ron, Glad to hear you have done so well and that things turned out well for you. Good luck in the future. Rowdy
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    Hair Loss after TLKR

    I didn't have hair loss but my hair totally changed after the surgery. Can you believe my once straight hair is sort of curly now. It looked totally fried after surgery and I had colored it for years so decided to let it go natural and am really happy I did. Not only is the texture better but I...
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    Share your best moments after surgery

    I am like Rick, so much had happened prior to the surgery and I had so many problems, just waking up and realizing I had made it through the surgery was enough to make me happy. Since then there are just too many to count let alone write down. You just have to have faith that you are going...
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    Crutches vs Walker After TKR

    The walker for about a week and then the cane for a day then watch out world, here I limp. I think it is whichever you are most comfortable with and perhaps which one they give you when they release you from the hospital. I got a walker and thank God, I would have killed myself on crutches...
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    rom loss morning/evening

    I am with you on this one Jo. (Big surprise, huh?) There is, of course, no answer to the question as unless you have had multiple knee replacements trying out different prosthesis you can't know. I still have no idea what kind of knees my OS used. I am probably the only person on here that...

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