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    THR Last joint- That's my plan and I am sticking to it

    Just setting up my recovery thread for my right hip. Surgery tomorrow. Have to be at hospital 8am - surgery 10am. Not bad since it takes us 1.5-2hrs to get there depending on traffic. No drinking from 6am on but can have water from midnight to 6am. Life is good. Cannot wait to be on the...
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    Suggestion for getting in/out of car pre op

    My ability to get in and out of the car has decreased especially with wearing more clothing and different textures like corduroys catching on the cloth seats (temperatures are dipping here to 30s and days in the 40-60 range). I was telling my husband the other day to make sure I put a...
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    Interesting study regarding corticosteroid injections for hips/knees

    Just saw this study released today (October 15, 2019) on joint injections for hips and knees and there seems to be some evidence that they cause more harm than good. Very interesting. https://pubs.rsna.org/doi/10.1148/radiol.2019190341
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    Please add to Nov Nimbles

    Surgery Nov. 13. Thank you.
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    THR Here I go again, I hope

    Like so many before me, feeling frustrated that my right hip kicked up with extreme pain. It has been 2yrs since my left hip was replaced and life was really good. I actually go to put in some veggies last summer and clear up some of the flower beds. It was so good not to be hurting anywhere...
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    THR Lt hip joining Knees in pain free land

    Starting my recovery page as surgery is tomorrow. Just called to get my hospital time and have to be at hospital at 0930 which is actually not a bad time as I live about an 1-1/2hrs away. I am so glad this day is really here even though a bit anxious. Good part is that I can drink plain water...
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    Who would have thought I would now need a new hip

    I had been struggling with lt. groin pain that would radiate medially thigh and laterally down to the knee and below to foot anteriorly. I had been treated by chiropractor for ilipsoas syndrome but the groin pain persisted and the medial thigh and down, progressively getting worse. It also...
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    Here I go again

    Had my Lt TKR Jan 28,2013 and knew after recovery that I was not going to wait as long for the right knee to be done - it was no fun having pain in the right when the pain went away in the left. At my 3m appt I asked the OS if I could schedule the Rt. and he said any time. As usual, due to home...
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    TKR Lt. knee done and now so is the Right. Recovery here I come.

    My left TKR was on Jan 28,2013. First of all I want to thank everyone for the information on this site. I first found it right before my TKR but really started reading it once I was home. I read many of the posts including the library information and balanced what I was told to do with the...


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