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    THR And now on the healing side...

    After months of waiting, here I am, landed on the other side. I had a 3 hour wait from checking in until Go Time, but the time was mostly filled up with blood tests, xrays, the million of nursing question, and things like that. It all became more real when I was taken to the Block Room for...
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    THR Same day/Outpatient info needed

    Hello all! Can anyone give me a little information about what goes on with same day surgery? My surgeon agrees to let me try for it, and I agreed if it doesn't work out to stay overnight. What I can't seem to find anywhere is what to take to the hospital for same day. Are the clothes I came...
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    COVID/Mask Hospital question for recent "othersiders"

    Hi everyone, Yesterday was my pre-op testing day and I was informed that my hospital generally keeps us hipsters over night. Can anyone who has been there done that lately tell me about covid masking for in-patients? It didn't occur to me to ask the nurse while I was there...my bad...but now...
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    THR Uneven hips

    Can someone help me to ask the right questions to my surgeon about this? I have a high hip due to pelvic torsion or scoliosis or both. It's my non-operative leg. For many many years I knew something was off but never really thought about it or pursued it - it was a matter of Hmmm, weird that...
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    THR Question about walking and other activity

    Good morning! Here's the thing...I used to walk almost every day 2-6 miles, or ride my bike about 10 or 15 miles. We live rural, so this was on tar and chip roads with considerable crown. I quit walking and biking about two years ago because it got too painful; I could make it a little...
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    THR Ready, set, GO!

    Good morning, all. New to the forum, but I've been reading for about a week. I'm not sure about the rules and protocols here, so please forgive and correct any errors. I'm scheduled for left THR on Sept 7. I fell on that hip over a year ago, and jacked up my lower back. Those issues were...


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