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    Bilateral TKR 4 days post op! Bilateral TKR

    First thing … you can do it !!! Don’t ever for a minute think otherwise. The pain was a lot more manageable than some would have you believe. You just need to stay with your meds and keep ahead of the pain. My ice machines have been a life line. I use them now only when I have stiffness and...
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    Bilateral TKR 4 days post op! Bilateral TKR

    Hello All….I just wanted to drop by and let you all know how my adventure is going so far….. I had my bilateral total knee surgery in August 26th….right after surgery they were asking me to lift my legs which I did…lol. I’m guessing I was able to do it for because of the nerve blocks …I felt...
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    TKR TKR Aug 16

    Best wishes to you.…I’ll be not too far behind you on the 26th.
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    TKR Orangeman - TKR or Bilateral TKR?

    sounds like a good plan! I am having BTKR’s in August. Starting to get nervous about the whole process but I’m tired of being in pain every day. Best wishes to you !!
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    TKR Orangeman - TKR or Bilateral TKR?

    Hi. I am set to have bilateral knee Surgery in August. I am bone on bone on the medial side of each knee. The doc feels that I can handle it since I am in relatively good health with no real underlying issues. My motivator is I don’t have a “good” leg to rely on while doing just one side. So I...
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    TKR Pre-Op Knee Pain

    Tylenol and on occasion with 1/2 a tramadol….I very rarely use it because anything more than 1/2 a tramadol makes me feel horrible. Although I did take some extra strength bayer aspirin that seemed to help. However, any NSAID for me tends to cause other issues….cramping behind The knees and the...
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    Bilateral TKR Knee pain pre surgery vs post (opinion)

    To All that have responded so far ! I really would like to thank you all for taking the time to comment and share your experiences. Needless to say, I am nervous and excited to get this surgery completed… And to hopefully be free of the bone on bone pain, hip pain, leg cramps , etc , etc. thank...
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    Bilateral TKR Knee pain pre surgery vs post (opinion)

    I am having bilateral total knee replacements…. Sorry for the confusion. I must have have hit the wrong key or the predictive text stepped in…
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    Bilateral TKR Knee pain pre surgery vs post (opinion)

    Thank you all for your replies!!! I was just trying to gauge what to expect and what I am up against !
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    Bilateral TKR Knee pain pre surgery vs post (opinion)

    Hi everyone ! I am due to have bilateral knee replacements in August (26th)...I’m currently bone on bone in the medial sides of both knees . My question is this… does anyone with similar experience feel the pain pre surgery is much worse than post surgery ? I have difficulty standing and...
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    Bilateral TKR One Month Out and Getting Ready

    @Taoquest First off, best wishes to you on your upcoming surgery!!!!! I will be watching for updates As I am having bilateral TKR’s in August. Again, best wishes !
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    2021 August Hotshots - Are you having knee surgery in August?

    August 26th ! Bilateral knee replacements


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