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  1. Puggles

    THR Anyone have low bone density/ osteoporosis?

    @subie2021 Thank you so very much, you're right! I just have to think about it differently. Like you said, if they're rude, it realllllly doesn't matter. Just get my doggone test done and I'll think of George's dad! (what was his name, Frank?) I worked in healthcare for many years, also. I'm...
  2. Puggles

    THR Anyone have low bone density/ osteoporosis?

    @djklaugh --thank you for such great info! I may just start making early morning appointments! Thankfully, there is an online system where I send her (or her nurse) questions. They are both great at responding promptly, and it is so much better to get info in writing versus a very rushed...
  3. Puggles

    THR Anyone have low bone density/ osteoporosis?

    Hi, how is your pain now? Did you end up having a stress fracture? I bolded what you said about exercising---yes, it's a Catch-22! I would *love* to be doing weight-bearing exercise, I miss it! The NP told me that calcium should be taken in increments, (sorry, I can't remember how many mg...
  4. Puggles

    THR BrandyinPA Recovery

    I am so happy to read your update !!!! :) I'm sorry that other surgeon treated you so badly. I hope the tramadol and celebrex continue to help you!
  5. Puggles

    THR 2nd Attempt at getting this done

    Oh, I'm sorry you're going through this! I completely understand !!! I cancelled twice before, and I'm still delaying it out of too much fear! Sending you positive thoughts---I know how it is to be in severe pain, but just not ready for surgery!
  6. Puggles

    THR Anyone have low bone density/ osteoporosis?

    @BBCG and @Mixii I wanted to thank you both *again* for allll of the wonderful info and support! I just re-read both of your replies, and it was so helpful! I saw my NP yesterday, and--ugh--- they were running *very* late, which made my appt. go half hour past their usual closing time, so...
  7. Puggles

    THR Pre-op ARM pain from walker?

    Not yet. I thought I had the "perfect" surgeon, but our recent visit didn't go well, so I need to find a new one. Also, with hospitals being over-filled and not enough staff, it's just too scary.
  8. Puggles

    THR Pre-op ARM pain from walker?

    Ugh, my right arm is hurting today! It only started hurting a week ago, but much worse today. I already know it's from being completely dependent on my walker/ table tops/ walls (LOL!), etc. in order to walk. Plus, I'm a big gal, so my arms are doing more work than they should! :yes: It's so...
  9. Puggles

    THR Deeship45 Recovery Part 2

    Hi, I'm sure you are completely exhausted, but so happy to be home and have it done! How cool that your surgeon called you! I've never heard of that before! I didn't realize they couldn't tell how bad our joints are from X-rays? I'm not an expert by any means, but since your surgery was...
  10. Puggles

    THR Recovery 8 days in.

    Hi, I hope things improve for you soon! Sorry about your pain level of 8! Your leg lifter invention sounds great! I'm so glad you found this site! :) You will get so much great info *and* encouragement here! ( I haven't had my surgeries yet, so I'm no help! lol!)
  11. Puggles

    THR Total Hip on Nov 4

    @Puppyluvr ---I love your user name! My profile pic is our sweet, 11-year-old pug we adopted last year. I'm glad you found this site! I have learned so much valuable info here ( haven't had surgery---yet!) I also read the post-op board, and am on about page 12 now. So much great info and...
  12. Puggles

    THR RTHR coming up on 9/27/21 ~ SuperPath approach

    Hmmm.... I always assumed everyone leaves surgery with an indwelling catheter already? During surgery, I'd also assume they can't risk urine in the sterile field of the surgery! I do know that surgeons want those catheters out as soon as possible, due to the high prevalence of urinary tract...
  13. Puggles

    THR Sbgal THR Recovery Journey

    @Sbgal ---You've had suchhhh a rough recovery, I hope things improve for you soon! (( hugs)) **You already said you don't have the room for more furniture nor someone to help you set it up. But, I wanted to let you know that the website magsmom posted actually sets it up for you! :) Maybe...
  14. Puggles

    THR Pain Limping 7 months out of THR/Pit Bull Attack

    @leelee2004 ......Wow! I'm sorry for all this pain and stress that you're going through! Unbelievable that he finally acknowledged the stem is loose! Ugh, I hope you'll be able to get excellent help soon!!!! You must be completely exhausted! :sad: djklaugh and YogaLesley ...Wow! Thank you...
  15. Puggles

    THR Thank you all!

    That is such great news!!! :) I hope you keep getting better and better! Once again, I am sooo thankful for this site! And this is something that will help me *now*, (I haven't had my THR yet). I've had serious ankle/ foot swelling and have been *forced* to sleep sitting in a recliner...
  16. Puggles

    THR Sleep

    @Ellie Mae --- I can't imagine how hard it must be to work so soon in your recovery without deep, restful sleep! :sad: I hope some of these suggestions help. (I don't have any advice since I haven't had surgery yet). @Hopefulhopalong ....your NAME! :heehee:
  17. Puggles

    THR Sbgal THR Recovery Journey

    Hi @Sbgal ....I hope things will start improving for you soon! Hmmm....I'm no expert, either---but that doesn't sound right. Thank you for posting that! :) We recently spent a lot for my recliner, because I haven't been able to sleep in our bed for over a year (ugh, I miss it!). I'd love to...
  18. Puggles

    THR parry1229's recovery thread

    @parry1229 ---How are you doing now? :) That's so sad to me that you're being SO hard on yourself ! You're not an "idiot", and I'd bet that your group has more empathy than you realize. :)
  19. Puggles

    THR Diary of my journey to happy times

    @Klassy ....Hi, I am just today (Oct. 2, 2021) starting your thread. I'm on page 3 or 4, and it has been VERY helpful for me, so thank you! I'm planning to read your entire story later today. ( I am due for two separate THRs, but haven't had them....yet. This site has helped me A LOT !) Also...
  20. Puggles

    THR Terrible muscle pains

    I'm so sorry you're suffering so much! Maybe I'm not seeing it, but you haven't mentioned ICE !!! You need constant ICE !!! Um, I don't understand why they'd be "puzzled"----they should be completely understanding that after such a major surgery, a patient is going to be in horrible pain/...


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