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    THR MB1956 Recovery

    Thank you @mrsclassicscraz After all the fear and insecurity, I have done very well. Much, much better than I ever anticipated. Surgery was one week ago yesterday, and I'm the pain has leveled off. I haven't had any narcotics since last night at 10 and so far today I'm good. Yes there is...
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    THR TENS machine post surgery

    Can anyone tell me where you put the pads after surgery? Would like to know before surgery!! TIA
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    THR 8 sleeps to THR

    Just got my date a week ago, short notice, but I was aware it was going to be the end of September. Part of me is relieved to know the date, the other part, that stops me from going to sleep and wakes me up in the night- is terrified. Part of this comes from a botched thyroid surgery (Dr has...
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    THR Cold therapy/ice machines

    Any suggestions on name/model of a cold therapy/ice machine would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    THR MB1956 Pre op thread

    Just got word that my right hip replacement will be in June, date to be set. My anxiety over having surgery just went up. I question if I'm doing the right thing. I am reassuring myself by thinking about how I can barely walk. (Both hips need to be replaced) I havent been preparing very...


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