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  1. GimpyGal

    THR Gimpy Gal post op!

    Hi, Everyone - I wasn't able to be active on the pre-op side of my right HR, but I did just barely make it to an August surgery - August 31st. It was my fifth try for a date due to many circumstances, but mostly unexpected dental work. My surgeon is extremely cautious with dental issues and...
  2. GimpyGal

    THR Both knees done . . . onto hip #1

    Hi - I had hip replacement scheduled the end of October so I could enjoy the summer golfing - one of the only things that brings me in contact with my friends during Covid. It's easy to distance on the course. Then I got nervous about the increased cases expected in the fall and bumped it up...
  3. GimpyGal

    TKR Gimpy Gal's LAST new knee!

    I've crossed over to the other side! Surgery is done and tonight is not good . . . it's great!!! I'll provide the entire tale tomorrow after my husband brings me my iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard. But, as a teaser I will share that my nerve block wore off eight hours ago and unlike my...
  4. GimpyGal

    A wasted year.

    So, I'm back! Last January (2015) my right knee started giving me trouble. MRI showed a torn meniscus. Fixed that in March and never got better. My surgeon examined the joint during surgery and said it looked great! Told me I had '30,000 miles on a 40,000 mile knee.' Since I never...
  5. GimpyGal

    Ever the challenging patient . . .

    Hi, BoneSmarties! I just dug out my very dusty password and located my old recovery thread. It's been just over a year since I posted and it's no longer open to replies, but I need to continue my saga. I need to pick your brains with a new knee problem that is stumping my doctors. I'm not...
  6. GimpyGal

    TKR Sharing my experience . . . so far

    Hi BoneSmartees - I've been reading for several weeks and today is a good enough day that I feel I should 'give back' and share my own experience. This site is a wealth of information and support and I'm in need of both! I'm a 62 year old, overweight but active woman. I've had only minor...


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