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  1. ACIM

    TKR I'm Baack (Again...)

    Hello again oh, wonderful family at BoneSmart: I now have a new surgery date of August 2nd for a full right knee replacement.
  2. ACIM

    TKR I need some help here...

    @Celle @Jamie @Jaycey I used to be in really good physical shape for a long time (20 plus years of ballet) but over the last 2 years or so that's changed. I am now feeling like a complete blob, 65 years old but committed to being back in the best shape I can be for my surgery which will...
  3. ACIM

    TKR Updated- postpone surgery

    @NightQuilter @Jamie @MARYCOOL Hello all, ... so I'm driving downtown yesterday to get A cat scan on my right knee for surgery and started to realize that I don't want this surgery right now... I've had three joint Replacements in The Last 5 Years and a joint replacement in 2004. My last...
  4. ACIM

    TKR I'm BAACK...!

    Good morning all, I have now then on this website three separate times... Or is it four now? I first joined in 2016 with a LTKR, then again about a year later with a RTHR. In 2019 I had a total left hip revision and now I have an upcoming RTKR on April 20th, 2021. I am so grateful to have...
  5. ACIM

    Revision THR Newbie tkr recovery thread<

    Hello all- Had my L THR revision done on Monday. But dislocated the hip Monday evening after the surgery- ouch! It wasn't until Tuesday morning that the medical staff decided to get x-rays...of course, the x-rays confirmed the dislocation. My OS showed up about 30 minutes after the x-rays we're...
  6. ACIM

    Depression setting in...one week before surgery

    I'm really feeling low right now...don't want to get out of bed...must begin preparing my home for post-op. One concern I have is meal planning. I won't really have anyone here to help me after surgery except the home-healthcare people coming in 2-3 times a week for medical checks. Also paying a...
  7. ACIM

    Spinal Block/Hip Nerve Block??

    I'm having a full hip revision on April 1st (one week from Monday). My OS has told me no general anesthesia for me. Instead, I'm getting a spinal block and some kind of nerve block for the hip. Needless to say, I'm a little freaked as I've always had the general anesthesia in the past. Who...
  8. ACIM

    Exercises for pre-op THR revision

    I'm used to working out 5 days a week-now, since I haven't worked out b/c of my upcoming revision I've just been swimming, doing the recumbent bike and some core/upper body work... Any feedback/thoughts/ideas on this would be greatly appreciated, Diana
  9. ACIM

    Whoooo! Got my surgery date today!

    April 1st at 1:30 pm. That's it. Don't know why i started crying in my OS office when he told me...I guess the reality of really hit me then. Sooo, I've now had both hips replaced, ( the hip I had replaced in 2005 is now needing the "new" hip). I've also had a knee replacement done in 2016 and...
  10. ACIM

    Date of original THR

    My date of my FIRST THR was March, 2005. This is the replacement getting the REVISION done, most likely in early April, I, additionally, had another THR in 2015. I joined BONESMART in March of 2016 when I had a TKR done. I'm Bionic now. Please tell me, has anyone else, pre-op THR, heard their...
  11. ACIM

    I'm baaaack!!

    Hello BONESMART! I'd like to say it's wonderful to be back...truth is, I'm here again because I have an upcoming THR REVISION surgery. I'll know the exact date next week when I see my ortho doctor here in Charleston, SC. The last time I was on Bonesmart was in March, 2016 for a TKR- I could have...
  12. ACIM

    Would like to change my user name

    Hello: this is Newbie tkr. Might I be able to change my user name to 'Di's Recovery Thread' instead? Please advise. Thank you.
  13. ACIM

    TKR Di's Recovery Thread

    Hi all: so good to know this site is available! I'm 2½ weeks post op for left TKR. I've already had both hips replaced but nothing could have prepared me for what I'm facing now with this TKR. Excruciatingly painful, I have very low tolerance for pain. This recovery is going to be the hardest...

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