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  1. Puggles

    THR Pre-op ARM pain from walker?

    Ugh, my right arm is hurting today! It only started hurting a week ago, but much worse today. I already know it's from being completely dependent on my walker/ table tops/ walls (LOL!), etc. in order to walk. Plus, I'm a big gal, so my arms are doing more work than they should! :yes: It's so...
  2. Puggles

    THR Rolling walkers versus upright walkers

    For the past year or so, I'm COMPLETELY reliant on my walker....OR, I should say, without my walker, I rely on counters, door knobs, grocery carts, etc. to hold onto, or I cannot walk at all. ( I only RECENTLY found out that BOTH hips need replacing. Before that, it was only my left one we knew...
  3. Puggles

    THR Anyone have low bone density/ osteoporosis?

    Hello bonesmart peeps! TL/DR: Thanks to someone here who posted about a cracked femur after THR, I realized I needed to learn some new info and ask my surgeon about it. If you had/ have low bone density/ osteopenia/ osteoporosis, did you and your surgeon know about it BEFORE your THR? If so...
  4. Puggles

    THR THR delayed due to new Covid surge?

    Have any of you been told your surgery will be delayed due to the (scary!) Delta surge? So far, in my city, elective surgeries are NOT delayed (yet), but I do wonder if it'll happen soon. I have an appt. with my hip surgeon today, just to discuss surgery. I was SO tempted to delay it...
  5. Puggles

    THR Question about surgeons

    Hi, and happy Tuesday everyone! :oyvey: Question---on several threads, it says that if we were to consult with different surgeons, they should NOT know one another; "not even golf buddies." I'm so curious why it would matter if they were close friends, OR just aquaintances---for example...
  6. Puggles

    THR Physical Therapy and Exercise

    Hi, I'd appreciate hearing your experiences with PT and/or exercise while you wait for surgery...especially when you are in SEVERE pain! I will start with an old problem I had, then move onto the present. Before you read story # 1-- please note that I've asked physical therapists, doctors...
  7. Puggles

    THR No CT or MRI pre-op?

    I'm wondering if anyone here did *NOT* need a CT / MRI pre-operatively? The reason I ask is because I've had them both before, and know it would be excruciatingly painful for me to lie still, to move into certain positions, etc. I had xrays a couple weeks ago, which showed "bone on bone" in...
  8. Puggles

    THR Worried about incontinence

    Hello, If anyone has any good info on how I'm going to deal with incontinence post-op, I would appreciate it. I urinate while sleeping and wear diapers. I'm afraid that the urine will infect my incision! And if not infect it---obviously, it isn't good for the incision to be wet. Googling...
  9. Puggles

    THR Questions for people recovering alone

    Hi, I'm very new here and appreciate learning SO much from everyone! I'm sending hugs to all of you who are hurting! I have a wonderful hubby who will be helping me, and our insurance covers some home nursing, but I wonder about people who don't have any help. I haven't actually scheduled my...
  10. Puggles

    THR SO many questions!

    Hi there! I LOVE this site, and have been reading for about 2 years. I love all the camaraderie, encouragement, and the information is so, SO helpful ! I have read MANY threads, and learned so much; however, I have many questions about things I haven't been able to find here. By the way, I...


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