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  1. Cementless

    Rotator Cuff Repair Cementless Shoulder Journey

    I think I might have a torn rotator cuff. I will have an MRI on Oct. 1, 2021. I have pain every day. I take ES Tylenol and ice it but it only helps a little while. I hear the surgery is terrible and worse than a shoulder replacement. I might need a shoulder replacement too but have osteoporosis...
  2. Cementless

    TKR Osteoporosis and TKR

    I have a question about TKR: my twin sister has severe osteopenia and quite a lot of osteoporosis. She has severe scoliosis, bow legs and one knee that is bone on bone. Can one still have a TKR with these issues? She says she is not in any pain but walks with a severe limp. Her friends (and...
  3. Cementless

    Both shoulders hurt

    @Jockette I have been reading your thread because both my shoulders have been bothering me lately. This is very informative. When I had my bone scan prior to my revision (to confirm loosening of the tibial implant) it showed that I had arthritis in both shoulders. I was surprised. My shoulders...
  4. Cementless

    My husband's right hip pain, what to do?

    I have just started to read the threads on the hip replacement website. I probably should start my on thread concerning my husband who is 72 yrs. old. Our PCP has diagnosed him with R. Trochanteric bursitis and he does have psoriatic arthritis. He is not good about taking NSAIDS. A regular hip...
  5. Cementless

    iovera Prior to Knee Surgery

    Have any of you had iovera prior to knee surgery? The iovera treatment uses the body's natural response to cold to block the signaling portion of a peripheral nerve, temporarily reducing pain during the critical weeks following surgery. Provides long-lasing, immediate pain relief...
  6. Cementless

    Revision TKR I fell on July 20, 2021!

    Has anyone else been told by their OS they can live with a loose implant (no infection) if they want? Pain/soreness around a 2 or 3 at times. ES Tylenol 1-2 can quiet the soreness for awhile. Cementless left TKR done on 10/19/2016. I am allergic to the bone cement. The femoral implant is...


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