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  1. klalota

    THR End of stem pain - mid thigh pain?

    Dee, good luck and hope you get the answers and pain relief you seek. I, too, had the anterior approach and have thigh tenderness near the surgical site down to mid-thigh and then a large patch of numbness along the side of my thigh. I asked the OS how long 'til it passes and he said it...
  2. klalota

    THR It's almost baby time :)

    Congrats to all of the soon-to-be and new moms! How exciting! Best wishes for smooth deliveries and healthy babies!
  3. klalota

    THR Gloom and doom (possibly)

    Good luck with your bone scan. I hope you're soon feeling relief from your pain.
  4. klalota

    THR 3 Months post op

    It is so helpful that way, you're right, sunnydays! I really don't know what I'd do without this site; I'd be compiling a book's worth of questions for each doc appt!
  5. klalota

    THR 3 Months post op

    Oh, one more question: I'm still sore near the surgical site. Mainly, the top of my thigh is still very tender to the touch. The hip itself is fine, it's just the soft tissue on top. I'm assuming this is normal stuff at this point, but I'm wondering if it'll go away. My doc said "maybe, but...
  6. klalota

    THR 3 Months post op

    Thanks again for the helpful advise and sharing your own experiences! I really appreciate it! I'm still awaiting my built up shoe, so in the meantime, I simply stuck both of my lifts in my shoe and that helps a bit. I just put one on top of the other and even though my heel now comes out of...
  7. klalota

    THR Six month update!

    Good for you! That's awesome!
  8. klalota

    THR Leg length differential

    Good luck with your OS appt. and the LLD! Hope you're feeling stronger again soon!
  9. klalota

    THR 3 Months post op

    THank you so much for your advise and experiences! They help me greatly, as do your words of encouragement! Thank you! Cardie, during the year you waited it out, were you able to be active (walking, biking, exercising) without harming your back and other hip? I took a short walk tonight (2...
  10. klalota

    THR Sharon's Anniversary Waltz

    Wow, you're an inspiration, Sharon! Keep on keeping on! [email protected] , achievement, etc.!
  11. klalota

    THR Help with depression

    Wonderwen, Hi and welcome! I know what you're going through because I've been going through it, too. I'm now 12 weeks/3 months post-op and still have weepy days. I tell all my friends I have the Moody Blues...LOL! Seriously, I have been going through a lot of this lately due to minor...
  12. klalota

    THR I made it.....

    Chas, Congrats on doing so well in recovery! I echo everyone else's sentiments: don't let the PT rush you. The PT, surgeon, and the rest of the med personnel work for you! So, if something is too painful, tell them. It's your body and you know what's right for you. My PT pushed me so...
  13. klalota

    THR 3 Months post op

    Thanks so much for your view, bottomshollo! You perfectly explain how I feel when I walk: limp/hitch because I lean to the short side and my knee on that good side gets very sore. I walked 3 mi. in the Relay for Life Friday and my good leg (the shorter one) was in a bad way when I was done...
  14. klalota

    THR 3 Months post op

    Thanks for your reply, Jaycey! You say you're wearing an insert in sandals? Very cool! The orthotist told me that to add an insert higher than one inch in my shoe would cause me to step out of the shoe, so he said he'll put in an insert as well as build up the sole. He said that way the...
  15. klalota

    THR I thought my hip had exploded!

    Hello Mary Frances, I'm so sorry you've had such a challenging recovery. I'm relieved that others with experience have posted to give you their perspective. It always seems brighter when we can share with others who know what we're experiencing. Good luck making the best choice for you and...
  16. klalota

    Something to cheer you up

    Great laugh!
  17. klalota

    THR New Hip - 1st July 2012

    Hello Jo! Nice to mee you! Sounds like you're doing great! Good for you! My second week post-op I did a little shopping, too, but really by accident. My swelling was awful and PT was worried I had a clot, so I was sent to the hospital for sonogram. Tests revealed no clots, YIPPEE! On my...
  18. klalota

    THR i am new here,THR recovery a struggle

    Hello Sqwirrel, Nice to meet you! Sorry to hear you're going through such a tough recovery. Between the falling episodes and the unknown of the neuropathy, this could be a challenging time. Do you have supportive people around you? Right now, with all you're going through, I hope you have...
  19. klalota

    THR 3 Months post op

    Hello All, I was posting on the forum prior to surgery, but only one quick post since surgery. I am now 3 months out since surgery and I can't thank everyone on this forum enough for their help! The spinal with sedation was terrific! Wow, so glad I read about it on here as it made a world of...
  20. klalota

    Choosing anesthesia type/your experience

    I'm 5 days post-op and wholeheartedly support spinal with sedation! I was nervous pre-surgery, but the anesthiologist and the surgeon assured me I wouldn't hear, see, or smell anything and they were right. The insertion of the IV was more uncomfortable than the spinal. In fact, I remember...


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