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    THR Hipster Chic's Wild Ride Round 2 (THR-L/Superpath)

    Sorry to hear your 2nd surgery was not as easy. Hope your recovery is going well now. I am scheduled for SuperPath TRH on 11/19 outpatient. I am anxious to hear how you recover.
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    THR Shopping Doctors

    Thanks for the answer. I will ask again why he feels there is not a problem. I have a dental appt tomorrow and am going to ask if my dental implants contain nickel. I have had them for 10 years with no problem. I have reaction to metals (even hooks on bras and bathing suits) but I have never...
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    THR Shopping Doctors

    Ok, I have chosen my surgeon and have my surgical date - 11/19!! I saw one more doctor (3 in total) and decided on the surgeon who does the SuperPath approach. (Not why I chose him but I had spoken to several of his patients) I then found out the first doctor I saw who was anterior at the time...
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    THR Shopping Doctors

    Sorry, I meant thr!
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    THR Shopping Doctors

    Thanks everybody. I have been on this forum for days reading everyone's stories. So happy I did. Especially helpful to me at this point were the people who went back and forth between realizing they need tkr and thinking maybe they could hold off for a while. Made me feel better to know I'm not...
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    THR Shopping Doctors

    I thought the same thing about the anesthesia. Anterior doc says he only uses general because it completely relaxes the soft tissue making it more pliable and less apt to get damaged with all the stretching. Superpath doc says patients do better on spinal and a nerve block. Also anterior says he...
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    THR Shopping Doctors

    Thanks for the replies. I asked for experiences with THR on our local Nextdoor app. Got over 130 replies and met with the one most recommended (anterior) and one of only a few doctors in Florida who perform Superpath . It is going to be a tough decision. Both have excellent reputations, they...
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    THR Shopping Doctors

    I have finally decided my hip pain is interfering in my enjoyment of life too much! My GP said I would know when it's time and it's definitely time. I have spent the last month getting referrals (I posted on Nextdoor app and got over 100 replies from wonderful people sharing their experiences)...


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