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    THR First Time Posting - Rt Hip Replaced 6/2014 - Lt 12/2014 - 7 Years of Severe Pain - Need Help

    Wow I thought I had it bad. I had a thr 3 years ago. My pain never went away. The surgeon that did it said everything was fine. I had Kaiser and he was the only dr in my area. Luckily I am a disabled veteran and have medical through the va. At first the new surgeon thought the cup was loose...
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    Well I had a ct scan and the cup isn't loose. The new doctor said it can be either infected or soft tissue damage. I have to run more tests. I asked him that since the pain has never went away shouldn't the doctor who performed the surgery 3 year ago figured it out one way or another. He told me...
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    I had a THR 3 years ago. I always had pain. I keep telling the dr something was wrong. He took a X-ray and said everything was fine. I lost my company insurance and since I am a disabled veteran I have medical through them. I finally saw a different surgeon explained to him I am still on pain...
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    You're not goi g to believe it, when I woke up this morning it was like someone flipped a switch. My pain level went from a 5 or 6 to 2 or 3. Didnt have to take any pain pills.
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    I do hot and cold. I take mobic for inflammation.
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    I still have a lot swelling in the area. I was supposed to see my primary doctor today but got a call and said he was out today. I'm out of pain meds. Spending time in the hot tub. That works great for the pain but it doesn't last long. My pain level did drop a little every day.
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    No problem Anny Did you ever get an MRI? My surgeon told me it's just my body getting used to it. Does the outside of your leg feel hard like a board?
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    I had my surgery April 15 2018. I don't think it is piriformis, because I didn't over work it. I took it easy. I also have swelling in there area.
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    Revision THR Loose cup.

    I had a THR 4 months ago. I took it easy for the first month. My Dr said walking was my best therapy, so that's what I did. I didn't over do it. I was using a cane after 2 or 3 weeks and used that until around 6 weeks. Most of my pain went away except in the lower buttock area. I still have a...


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